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  1. Demonkid549

    Supreme x Vans Power, Corruption & Lies PCL Chukka Sz 10.5

    Hey N-SB, I have a pair of DS Supreme x Vans Power Corruption & Lies Chukka. They are DS, size 10.5, and comes with everything such as spare laces attached, Supreme Vans sticker attached, and original wrapping. These have not been laced up, tried on, or anything. They sticker one the bottom...
  2. Demonkid549

    Freddy Krueger SB Dunk Low

    Hey NSB I have a pair of VNDS Freddy Krueger SB dunk low. Anybody who's a shoehead knows the history behind these. This was one of the pairs that were completed and meant to be destroyed by oil which explains the dark marks on the nubuck. I think the oil makes it more unique and look better...
  3. Demonkid549

    DS Kaws x Simpsons Vans Chukka

    Hey NSB, These kicks hardly need an introduction. One of the rarest pair of vans here and rated by Complex Magazine as 24 of 25 most hyped sneakers. Collaboration between Kaws and Vans for The Simpsons movie. Only 100 pairs of these dropped so there's only a couple pairs of these floating around...
  4. Demonkid549

    Freddy Krueger SB Dunk Low

    One of the more oil stained pairs... Thanks everybody!
  5. Demonkid549

    Still cannot log in

    Hey, So I have complained about this before. Because I couldn't log onto NSB anymore, I stopped reading up on shoes and stuff. I want to get back in to this and start browsing around the forums again from home. The problem is I could connect anywhere but my home. A while back, I contacted...
  6. Demonkid549

    Cannot log in

    I'm on my blackberrt right now because I could never log into nsb. This has been happening for about a month or two now. It says,"board message" and "sorry, you are not permitted to use this board." I thiught I was banned until I realized I could log on at school and other friends house. It...
  7. Demonkid549

    LEGIT CHECK CLOT AM'S! Please help me out here. I cant tell.... thanks in advance!
  8. Demonkid549

    LEGIT CHECK SLAM CITY! I am working on more pictures but please let me know how they are from the looks of these pics that are...
  9. Demonkid549

    Legit Check: Stussy Court Forces
  10. Demonkid549


    True Reds Avengers...
  11. Demonkid549

    Legit Check Jedis How are these fake? The date is touching the barcode right?
  12. Demonkid549

    Help I want to buy stuff from a Japanese Site

    Isn't there sites where they help you buy it and then ship it to you for a certain fee? Do you guys have any of those good sites to recommend me? What is the cheapest ones?
  13. Demonkid549

    HELP JPACK VAMPS FROM BRAZIL!!! Trying to get more pics bu this is all i have for now/
  14. Demonkid549


    Thanks in advance guys....
  15. Demonkid549

    PM help

    The message I got when I tried PM-ing someone. What does this mean and what should I do? "This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or they are in a member group not allowed to use the personal messenger"
  16. Demonkid549

    Legit Check Londons

  17. Demonkid549

    Ueno Sakura Court Forces

    What is the smallest sz they made for the Ueno Sakura Court Forces. Saw some girl at my school wearing em and I wanted to cop a pair for a friend thanks .
  18. Demonkid549

  19. Demonkid549

    Nike SB Dunk High - Perfect Pink

    Holiday 08 via
  20. Demonkid549

    Nike SB Dunk High - Blue Denim/Brown/Pink

    Holiday 08 via