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  1. daewonder

    Suck My Kicks

    i met up with dude earlier today and sold him my band aids. he drove all the way to me and paid cold hard cash. thanks homie. enjoy the kicks.
  2. daewonder


    sold this dude my purple pigeons. he paid right away and responded quick to all my PMs. good buyer right here. enjoy the shoes!
  3. daewonder


    sold this dude my UNDFTD x Vans sk8 his. very responsive to PMs and came through with payment and did not flake [thumbs_up]
  4. daewonder

    i have -1 new messages.. wth?

    what's up with that?
  5. daewonder


    i sold dude 2 shirts. he paid very quick and was really great about getting back to my PMs. would def do business with again! enjoy the shirts bro :beer:
  6. daewonder


    sold this guy a Supra hoodie. he sent payment quickly and responded well to all my PMs. A+ buyer
  7. daewonder


    did business with homie this past week. money was sent promptly and he was very quick with PM replies. EXCELLENT BUYER
  8. daewonder


    picked up a LRG polo from this dude. shipping and communication was quick. stand up seller
  9. daewonder

    From the land of Pele's and Aloha's

    i walked up Diamond Head crater this morning with a friend and got some nice pics. just thought i'd share. man i'm gonna miss this place :(
  10. daewonder

    daewonder's modest collection

    here's what i've accomplished since january(with the exception a few pairs in the 'others'). no real heat since i'm also saving for a move to LA. hopefully after that's done i can start picking up some goodness. in any case, enjoy.
  11. daewonder

    Chicago heads

    just got the KICKS update email. figured i'd help spread the word. check this out if you're in the area. the party at Rodan will feature KICKS/HI manager and DJ, Delve1der.
  12. daewonder

    CCS Denim

    i was clicking around their site and came across what looks like a good deal, if the denim isn't crap. i'm just wondering if anyone has some and how they hold up? if i remember correctly 2 for $29.99/ea sounds like old navy prices, and i stopped wearing those for a reason haha