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  1. Thagodeus

    Random photoshop request thread

    I wasn't sure if one of these threads existed or not. Somebody with good skills at cement printing via photoshop PM me. I'd be willing to even Paypal a few bucks. I need a good quality cement print done on a vw logo. None of the thick ms paint looking cement print either. I want it to look like...
  2. Thagodeus

    LC on Nike SB Trickstar\'s

    Need an LC on these trickstars i picked up from ebay. I cant tell if the tag is legit or not, so let me know.
  3. Thagodeus

    Legit Check on Non PL Purple Avengers

    Cant remember if i ever LC'd these, but just thought i'd make sure. Couldnt tell that tag very well.
  4. Thagodeus

    LC on Takashi 2\'s

    Bought these from a legit seller, they look legit to me, but i just want a second opinion before i leave feedback.
  5. Thagodeus

    LC on Supreme loro camp

    Well i took these pics a few days ago, but i'm waiting for somebody to get back to me that was supposed to list them over on strictly supreme, and while i was waiting i thought i might as well post them here too. If anybody has one they could compare to, it would be money. I'll be posting...
  6. Thagodeus

    LC on ebay auction

    I realize they arent the most legitimate tags and theres no inner tag, but from what is seen do they look legit to you guys? I'm just wondering because i dont know about how the moon is supposed to be placed and whatnot...
  7. Thagodeus


    Thought i'd throw something up for my man ben we did a solid trade it was a great transaction and worked out well for both our parts, and he shipped his stuff out lightning fast. We have another transaction in the works currently too.
  8. Thagodeus

    LTB Sz 10.5 Gino IV and Sz 13 Bucks or Jedi\'s

    Like the title says, i'm trying to find a pair of Gino 4's in a 10.5 for my brother, and i'm also looking to trade or maybe buy a pair of size 13 bucks and jedi's. Let me know.
  9. Thagodeus

    LC on Nike SB Shanghai 2\'s

    They look good to me, the tag and everything checks out from what i know but i want to have them double checked to be sure.
  10. Thagodeus

    Cant view any listings in the marketplace?

    Basically that. I was on my brothers computer the other day, and looked at the marketplace and saw that there were lots of listings to be seen (I wasnt logged in at the time) and when i just went back to the marketplace, and saw this...this is what i get when i click on any size.
  11. Thagodeus

    LC on Nike SB Carhartts

    I have no reason to believe these are fake, and from my knowledge of tags and everything they look real. BUT i like to know for sure that all of my stock is real.
  12. Thagodeus

    LC on nike sb vapors

  13. Thagodeus

    LC on nike sb hunters

    Can someone check these? I cant tell if theyre for real or not, so i wanna know before i go and bid on them.
  14. Thagodeus

    Thagodeus\' collection

    Here's my little collection, i think its okay. Most SB's except that one pair of AF1 Mids, and that random pair of dunks that i messed with. My first pair and the ones i wish i would have taken care of were the Sea Crystal Mids, now theyre almost beyond cleaning again.
  15. Thagodeus

    LC on Peacock Mids

    Scooped these Peacock mids, when i was looking at them, everything else seemed fine. Tag looked good (from my understanding) extra lace bag measured 13ish cm by 7ish cm, build looked good too. But the nike check just seemed so weird, it has like an inside "outline" of the check, maybe someone...
  16. Thagodeus

    LC on UNLV high\'s

    Got another pair here, need to be checked. I think i buy way too many pairs of shoes...
  17. Thagodeus

    LC on Nike SB Stussy

    I scooped these Stussy's the other day off ebay and just thought i'd have them checked for sure before i left feedback, the tag looks legit to me but i wanted to make sure.
  18. Thagodeus

    Legit Check Nike Sb New Castles

    Back with another legit check on a pair of shoes i got, finally signed up on the forums but i tagged these with my real name (Ben Klink) so here they are.