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    legit check tiffany dunk low

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    legit check tiffany dunk low

    im legit checking these for someone. i know how the date is suppose to touch the barcode but on these it only touches on one shoe so im not completely sure if they're b grades, legit, or just fakes.
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    Nike SB Lunar Gato

    Thomas Sylvia writes: i'll be soo pissed if they do cuz nike already puts those laces on like every soccer cleat and indoor soccer shoe lol
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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

    Meek04 writes: but putting watermarks or tags in pics that arent yours.. isnt that like the equivalent to stealing pics?
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    The Dunk SB "Heads Up" thread

    XfeedUSfetusX writes: i thought i was the only that thought that was funny hahah
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    Nike SB Sept 13 Delivery

    Oli Blakeman writes: those have been out for awhile...
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    Stuff you hate thread.

    El_Duce writes:
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    Nike Sb Shanghai Revamp/Retro?

    kentuckygotkicks writes: wasnt that how the original cities series pack was released?
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    412dunksbs Collection

    wait arent you the dude that had a fake raffle on istagram that mr.nikesb6 called out? hahahah
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    Legit Check on Denim Highs

    JosephJames writes: are you saying you would buy fakes?
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    Brian Anderson x Nike SB Project B A

    i just got these yesterday from a local skateshop in virginia beach. these are easily the most comfortable shoes i have ever owned... i personally thing they're more comfy than roshe runs.. I'm stoked to get the all black pair to see how they skate tho
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    New Nike x Supreme collaboration?

    sidious writes: [QUOTE=interesting fakes -
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    SB DUNKS FOR SALE SIZE 10!!!!!!!!

    Meek04 writes: if you still have em when in get my next pay check in two week's i definitely will be coppin them haha
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    SB DUNKS FOR SALE SIZE 10!!!!!!!!

    shit... i really want those gortex dunks haha. i trashed my old pair
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    SNEAKER CON NYC JULY 13, 2013!!!!!

    i kinda regret not going to this lol
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    Nike Sb Pro Wind

    looks like a new zoom tre type shoe... im kinda stoked to see how they skate if this is legit..
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    Nike SB "Flammable" ????

    i think those are the gr dunks that release like amonth or two ago
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    Which was the best quickstrike of 2012?

    ^^^ THIS!! but i would say shrimp dunks
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    cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    sick collection. have you ever thought of doing an alligator print on the pecan janoski's? so they look like the alligator samples? haha random thoughtt