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  1. bridgener

    "New" Fakes

    Has anyone seen a fake of any of the later release Dunk SB's? I'm talking about the colourways released after the redesign of the shoe. 
  2. bridgener

    LC 3 Bears High

    I'm looking at a local meetup this weekend for these. I know there are a lot of fake 3 bears, but I don't really know new releases so I need help with these.  I'm leaning towards fake cause of the fur not being long, but I'm not sure because the stitching looks alright, the soles look...
  3. bridgener

    Life's Mysteries

    I've only got one for now: How do blind people know when to stop wiping their butts? discuss!
  4. bridgener

    NSB Predictions 2010

    Well, what do you foresee happening within the NSB community in the coming new year? sole., the poster formerly known as sole seeker makes his second triumphant return. This time, changing his screen name to simply: chip_sb's little daughter discovers NSB, becomes a WDYWT regular. Her...
  5. bridgener


    He bought a pair of brownpack highs from me. He paid me, I shipped, easy as that!
  6. bridgener

    Jessy Jean-Bart

    I used to skate with this guy every day. It's amazing to see how people who really get good at skating progress!
  7. bridgener


    Legit buyer, he paid BIN for a pair of band-aids in a flash. No BS!
  8. bridgener


    Broomy broomy broom broom a pocket full of wool. Put it in the drier And out will come a bull! Take him to a gymnast And he'll become a horse. But when the day is over And people speak in norse, The bull becomes a gnomie, And sings with gnomie force! Now even though he sings out loud The...
  9. bridgener

    Legit Check Unkles

    Alright, I know the pics aren't tagged, but they're for sale in a local meetup and I know the person has them in their possession. I can't really tell. From the inside tag pic it looks like the date is touching the barcode. The aliens seem to match up. It's unclear to me if the...
  10. bridgener


    Sold a pair of Dr. Feelgoods to mattskates by a local meetup. Everything went smooth, no monkey business!
  11. bridgener


    This guy might be new here, but my transaction with him was flawless. He bought some lebanon blazers from me, paid paypal quick no BS. Good guy to deal with!
  12. bridgener


    Legit guy.. sold him my eires, he paid quick then i shipped.
  13. bridgener


    sent me some stussy's and avengers for my heinekens. he shipped first, legit guy to the max!
  14. bridgener

    Make 40,000/Year selling dunks

    I'm sure those of you who browse ebay looking for steals have come across those auctions selling manuals on how to make money by buying and selling dunks etc... Have any of you actually given in and bought one? If you have, was it worth it? If you don't know what i'm talking about...
  15. bridgener

    sneaker pimps montreal

    Well, who's going to sneakerpimps?
  16. bridgener

    Hosoi vans authentics

    Well, my hosoi sk8-hi's are beat, so i decided to take the cheap way out instead of dropping 150 on a second pair. Here's how they turned out: I used acrylic on the canvas. The base shoe is all white. Anyone know anything better to use for the canvas, somethign that won't bleed?
  17. bridgener

    Arab woman takes on muslim cleric

    Just thought i'd show this to you guys. I think what this woman is saying is incredibly respectable, and she speaks the complete truth. She's probably one of the bravest arabic women ever for speaking her mind (especially on broadcast tv)...
  18. bridgener

    Poll: Best skateboard trucks?

    Well, the everlasting debate on the best, lightest, whatever truck has come up an infinite amount of times. I just want to see what the most popular truck is out there. Pretty simple, inspired by the lightest truck thread. Feel free to shed some light on what your choice was if you like.
  19. bridgener

    backside powerslides

    I dont know if this is the right place for this. If not, feel free to do what you will with it. Well, i can easily pull nice frontside powerslides while skating down hills, but i just can't do them backside (they look like backside smiths or back tails to reg. if you're good). I just...
  20. bridgener

    Reverse Auctions

    I don't know if this would be a good idea for another area in the BST, but here's my idea. Basically, we could have "reverse auctions" where people can have their items starting at a high price. Every hour or so, the price of the item automatically drops. The increments of time or $...