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    [LTB] Freddy\'s 10-11

    Since i think this is the best place to ask for some legit freddys best size is 10.5 but i can go up and half a size i have some stuff to trade but not a must please just pm if you're an active user on N-SB thanks
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    Ponyexpress Wanteds

    I got some money loose at the moment and am looking for one of those bad boys NYC Pigeon Michael Lau Dunk Sharks Supas Medicom 2 or 3 Size must be 10-10.5 or possibly 11 Condition doesn't matter I have no regular access to N-SB atm so please allow me some time to answer thanks
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    Sneaker museum Cologne

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    Solemart Eindhoven

    some of my impression of todays solemart
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    SB Dunks by Ponyexpress

    Since my first thread became unclear i decided to open a new one. I'm 25 years old and have been collecting SB's for about 2 years now. Since i live in germany it's quite tricky to get the pairs i want because the market for SB's is a lot smaller than in the US. But i achieved most of the shoes...
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    Nike Dunk SB Supas

    Hey guys i found this auction on ebay europe pics aren't tagged. so it would be nice to get first opinions before i ask him for tagged pics since i'm pretty unsure about those Link
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    Nike Dunk SB \"Cali\"

    Hey guys i was up to post those in the marketplace. before i do i wanted to get a legitcheck on those to asure everybodys safety when buying these. Thanks
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    What One\'s wearing January 2011

    Due to time lapse i start this off! non-hammered starting firework medi-hammered me and girlfriend totally nailed new years shoe
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    WTB SB Dunks

    Hey guys, so here's what i'm looking for at the moment. Please keep in mind that i live in germany, so if anyone can help me out, it would be good if you had experiences in shipping abroad. so here's the deal i fit a size 10-10.5 - no need to be DS but must have some wear left. On the expensive...
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    Searching for old Girl Skateboard Tees

    Hey guys, hope this is the right section to post, if not please move this thread! I'm searching for pictures from a collection of girl skateboards tees that appeared several years ago. i think the pack included 4 shirts with different motives i think they were called "attack of the girl"...
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    SB Dunk collection - Ponyexpress

    So here I go again! Since i was told my pics were taken from google and i needed to tag them ... i did Been collecting for 1,5 year so far. my first shoes were the apetites for destruction because of that purple swoosh than i bought the nitraids in store and discovered that there have...