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    legit check tiffany dunk low

    im legit checking these for someone. i know how the date is suppose to touch the barcode but on these it only touches on one shoe so im not completely sure if they're b grades, legit, or just fakes.
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    help with skate or dies!!

    I just bought some skate or dies last night. and their in pretty good condition except there are some stains from like jeans and i think water on some spots of the shoe. Does anyone know how i can try to fix the suede from water and remove jean bleed??
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    My collection

    well im 19 years old, i've always been interested in SBs but never had the money to get them. but now i have a job and i've been able to actually afford them. this is my collection after about 2 and half years. lemme know what u think dunks   yellow curbs 720 dunks woodgrain...