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  1. bridgener

    LC 3 Bears High

    I'm looking at a local meetup this weekend for these. I know there are a lot of fake 3 bears, but I don't really know new releases so I need help with these.  I'm leaning towards fake cause of the fur not being long, but I'm not sure because the stitching looks alright, the soles look...
  2. bridgener

    LTB size 12

    How does 170$ shipped sound? VNDS, no OG box though
  3. bridgener

    LTB size 12

    I have some size 12 CDP Black cement 3's, I'd let them go for pretty cheap!
  4. bridgener

    The Official Nike SB Dunk Pickup Thread - August 2012

    They're too big for me, why not put them up for sale? They'd be just sitting in my closet doing anyways.
  5. bridgener

    The Official Nike SB Dunk Pickup Thread - August 2012

    Haven't picked anything up recently, but I couldn't say no to these for a cheap local pickup. DS crispy OG goodness!
  6. bridgener

    Official Price Check Thread

    Price check on DS size 11 lightning pro b's? I think I found a pair for a steal but not sure.
  7. bridgener

    Summer 2012 SBs

    Blue grey and white lows are going to be bought, and maybe even the all white highs to skate in...
  8. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    kyle k yo, what kind of wheels are on that impreza, epsilons? they looks awesome
  9. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Yep, you're absolutely right. I'm glad for three reasons; I'm relatively fine (back hurts a bit, but other than that I'm OK), my girlfriend wasn't in the car, and it wasn't my other car. If it was my Capri, I'd be devastated.
  10. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Wow, been a long time since my last post on this site... anyways here's what I'm not driving anymore... she was a dependable one...
  11. bridgener

    Post Your Skate Clips

    ^last two posts were by me BTW. wtf is going on with this site?
  12. bridgener

    Breaking in your DS Nike SB\'s

    Stick them in the microwave for a couple of seconds. We always used to do that with skate shoes, just make sure there's no metal on them.
  13. bridgener

    Whats your favorite SB dunk?

    Sorry, I'm a retard.
  14. bridgener

    Whats your favorite SB dunk?

    Sorry forgot pic... one day I'll look down and see this... laced properly though. [IMG]"][IMG]
  15. bridgener

    Whats your favorite SB dunk?

    Always has been and always will be Sea Crystals. I have still never owned a pair though, and most definitely never will!
  16. bridgener

    Adidas vs. SB\'s for skating

    I'm loving Adidas. I haven't tried campus vulc's cause I hate vulcanized shoes, but every pair of Adidas cupsoles have been on point. Campus skates, two pairs of shelltoe's, regular shell toes, gazelle sb and non, and now the Busenitz. Every one of them skated amazing right out of the box. Next...
  17. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Damn that's a nice car. I know a guy who put some drag radials on his CTS-V and he was smoking brand new Vettes all day at the drags.
  18. bridgener

    How did you get into sneakers?

    way to represent team ignore sfkicks kaptainbucket!
  19. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Nice! Are those ARE's? I have a set of Enkei 92's on my Capri. Mesh wheels look awesome on almost any 80's period car.
  20. bridgener

    Any Newfies in here?

    Newfies are great, and have great sayings. I don't understand any of them though. Now there's a cock for dolly!