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  1. bridgener

    Favorite DECKS.......old or new

    I had a Josh Kalis Seek deck. It was a monochrome beach shot I think. Can't find a pic of it, but I thought that company was the shit. Apparently not too many others did! Zoo York did this deck series probably around 5-6 years ago where they had some blurred shots of New York City street. I...
  2. bridgener

    What is the best Nike SB you have ever skated?

    Did a kickflip in my Unkles before I sold em! Paul Brown blazers are my go-to cruising shoes in the summer I've never kept any real heat though. I always felt weird wearing expensive shoes so they were always sold after wearing them once or twice.
  3. bridgener

    what´s your top 5 skateshoes ever???

    Throughout the lat 10 or so years I've been pretty loyal as far as shoes go. Skated Accels for about four years, then had some Lakai's, then got into Nikes. Hard to make a top 5 though. 1. Es Accel's up until around 2005 or so. Specifically the black leather/red trim and black/white/lime...
  4. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    An LS swap and t56 would be pretty good in that little truck, but it seems pretty good as it is. Sounds awesome with that little blower whine. I think I said before, it's cool that you stuck with the six. I really can't stop this car nonsense though lol, I have the bug. I found a killer deal...
  5. bridgener

    un-DS-ing Dunks???

    gstone, I always always allllllways wait to un-ds my shoes until I have to take a poop, gstone. gstone, It's just common sense, gstone.
  6. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Oh shit I'm building a new engine combo for the Capri next year... Ford Explorer block 302, bored and stroked to 331ci. Custom grind roller cam, GT40P heads, forged pistons, beehive valvesprings, and the list keeps growing! It's going to be big money, but the car should be a screamer after all's...
  7. bridgener


    dang man, i've been gone for a while too. All work and no play brings me cash but no time for anything. haven't bought any pair of Nike SB's in a long time too! Actually the only pair of shoes I've bought since like april are my burgundy busenitz. How's your stash of kicks coming along?
  8. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    nice man! It's videos like that one that keep me going through the winter. 6 months and my car will be prowling the streets once more.
  9. bridgener

    beaters/every day shoes

    Basically all of my shoes are beaters... Last year's OG red am1's, paul brown trainers, mulder classics, wheat nubuck wallabee's, burgundy busenitz, takashi 2, Gino FC's. They all smell TERRIBLE except the clarks. I have a couple of pairs doubled up for days when I don't work.
  10. bridgener

    Post Your Top 5 DUNKS

    1) Sea Crystals 2) Paul Brown 3) Mulder 4) Gino 2 5) Any other dunk that doesn't look too dorky to skate in
  11. bridgener


    I'm heading down to Philadelphia in a couple of weeks and want to know where to find the best cheesesteak in town. Where do you Phily heads reccomend? Any other random really good food spots would be  great too!
  12. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Looking slick DUNXXX! are those the wheels you were talking about before? Here's a vid my buddy took of me doing some burnouts the other night. Sorry in advance if the video's private.
  13. bridgener

    The Official Nike Dunk SB Pick-Up Thread *October 2010*

    ^holy christ those are nice! I haven't been paying any attention to shoes lately, but I might need those. Are they all suede?
  14. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    ^nice nice nice! I need details details DETAILS!
  15. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Yeah, DUNXXX, that guy gets terrible mileage. He doesn't know much about cars, but loves them. He fishtails around almost every corner, does 100km/h on main roads, and shifts at his redline. But, he also owns a Viper GTS Coupe and a Cobra kit so I don't think he's worrying much about...
  16. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Yeah let's see pictures of that fox! I need details lol. A terminator engine is a big change from whatever you have now, and a helll of a lot of work! Capri is going into storage soon, pulling the engine again. Might convert to roller cam, and get a better set of heads if money allows...
  17. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    DUNXXX, I'd go for the 9.5's all around. I usually hate the idea of running spacers on any car, but slimmer wheels on the front of a FWD car just can't look right to me. You can't get wheels with the right backspacing instead of running the spacers?
  18. bridgener

    The Official Nike Dunk SB Pick-Up Thread *October 2010*

    Nice avengers up there, I kinda sort of wish I kept mine. I'm more psyched that NJ is posting again though, haven't seen you on in a long time. Still have those Gino's I traded?
  19. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    The wingless look is the best on those. Looks tough!
  20. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Sorry for the double post, but here are some up to date pics of the cars: Here's the engine bay of the capri. I need some wire looms and a new air cleaner assembly but that can wait untill i put the new motor in next spring: And here's the Healey, with the body 90% fitted and the new...