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  1. bridgener


    Made a calzone-ish thing tonight. Italian sausage, bok-choi, garlic, baby onions, fresh herbs, and mozzarella. Damn my camera sucks! And some pizza I made a few weeks back
  2. bridgener

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    13) Jpack 14) Medicom 2 5) Takashi 1 27) Paul Browns
  3. bridgener

    Omar Salazar Pro Model - MARCH 2010

    All I can say is WOW. That mini-site really sold me on the shoe. Looks like Omar really got it together and made a great shoe. Not a clone of some other shoe, and has the technology to keep my feet happy. First shoe that I've REALLY wanted in a long time! Also looking forward to the...
  4. bridgener

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    15) Jedi's 19) Unlucky
  5. bridgener


    When I list stuff, I think of it as a store. Client: Hey brian, i'd like to buy those shoes. Me: Alright that'll be 100 bucks. Client: Ok cool i'll just take them and come back with the money probably tomorrow or something, or maybe after I get this month's paycheck. Me: lol wut?
  6. bridgener

    What One's Wearing - March

    thanks for the comments Bane and monochrome. I should have picked up those Busenitz's when I had cash! bane, they're savier trainers, the collab. Since savier was owned by Nike, they based the shoe off the air trainer 1.
  7. bridgener

    What One's Wearing - March

    DB X sticking with the classics! Good stuff. Any grandma would be proud to display your first pic on her mantlepiece. As for me, recycled bogus-ness:
  8. bridgener

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    Pool 1 13) Paris 14) Unlucky 18) Tokyo's 16) Cali's Pool 2 13) JPacks 19) Rayguns(Home) 15) Jedi's 16) Loden
  9. bridgener

    Nike URL SBs

    I love URL's! Wore my pair of mushroom highs today. Unfortunately they're my only pair though.
  10. bridgener

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    Pool 1 9) Flashes 23) Wheat Forbes 22) Medicom 3 21) Mulders Pool 2 24)Zoo Yorks 10) Send Helps 22) Fabio Cristiano CS3 21) Medicom 1
  11. bridgener

    What One's Wearing - March

    Thanks man, you should put yours on. They're super comfy!
  12. bridgener

    What One's Wearing - March

    Spring is here!
  13. bridgener

    Things that you are stoked on

    I'm just stoked on the old skate magazines at the shop I work at. It's fucking hilarious looking back at stuff, seeing how it was, and what came of it. Gershon Mosely pro insoles? The A-Team was the big news, and was going to be the next big thing! HAHAHAHA Maple skateboards before...
  14. bridgener

    NSB 64 - Champion is crowned.

    Pool 1 1) Heineken 2) Bandaids 3) Wheat Highs 4) Unkles Pool 2 1) Slams 2) UNLV Lows 3) Lost Highs 4) Pusheads
  15. bridgener

    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pick - Up Thread - 2010

    They kind of look like a modernized half-cab. Cool!
  16. bridgener

    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pick - Up Thread - 2010

    the salazar's look pretty good woonick. What's the foam on top of the tongue though, is the stuffing removable?
  17. bridgener

    What's your 9-5?/Where do you work?

    I work part time at a surf/skate shop. It's definitely not much money but all I do is laugh and read mid-late 90's thrasher and transworld magazines and watch old skate videos on VHS so it's pretty dope.
  18. bridgener

    Post what killed your day

    Getting mine taken out today. FUUUUUUUCK.
  19. bridgener

    The Official Non-Dunk SB Pick - Up Thread - 2010

    hey chip uhhh... wanna take my number down, you know, just in case?!
  20. bridgener


    Sorry to hear that man, being scammed sucks and it happened to me. I chocked it up as a learning experience I guess. Did you make a post about this guy on NSB? If you didn't do that yet, go for it. He WILL be banned! Here's where you can post your evidence against that douchebag...