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  1. TheSkateKix

    The \"EVERYTHING\" Janoski Thread v 2.0

    Here is mine i just got them yesterday.
  2. TheSkateKix

    The \"EVERYTHING\" Janoski Thread v 2.0

    i just bought a pair of the pine green ones ill post my picture later.......those janoski are ill i like the color way
  3. TheSkateKix

    Space Jam Dunks

    very clean shoe i would change the laces to kevlar just for fun but overall the shoe is sick
  4. TheSkateKix

    Freddy Krueger (Scrapped Version) Legit Check Guide

    i would buy them if there cheap and wear them everyday
  5. TheSkateKix

    New in NSB? Please INTRO YOURSELF

    YOW.......YOW my name is christian i love nike sbs there just so cleanio!!!!i live in oceanside Ca and yup i skate