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    LTT Ds Camo Dunk Highs for DS Camo Janos 10.5

    What's up guys. Title says it all I'm looking to trade my deadstock camo dunks for a deadstock pair of the camo Janos. Only size 10.5 wanted must be ds og all. I don't have a problem shipping first as long as your feedback reflects you are trustworthy of me shipping first. The dunks I'm...
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    LTB recent Camo Dunk High release size 10.5

    If anyone is selling a pair of the recently released camo high top dunks I'm interested in buying a deadstock size 10.5. You can just post here or pm me and I'll get back to you thanks.
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    LTB True Blue 3s Size 10.5

    I'm looking for some true blue 3s, preferably deadstock but if price matches condition then maybe I'll still be interested. I want them in a size 10.5 only. Just shoot me a pm or post on this thread and I'll get back to you Thanks!
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    LTB: Barf laces

    I need green laces for my barfs, they are a size 10.5 so i need a pair that will fit them without being too long. Ill pay $15 for them, hit me up if you have any. 
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    Marketplace troubles

    So in the past 2 days ive tried mutiple attempts at uploading a few pairs of shoes to the market place. Ive posted many many listings in the past never had a single problem, but now all of a sudden something is apparently wrong with my listings. All my pics are tagged and dated properly, all the...
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    LTB: Sz 10.5 SB Heat

    Like the title says i want these ONLY in size 10.5!Id like them to be as close to DS as possible but as long as the price reflects the condition im fine with that. Also they must have the OG box, I know thats a bit picky but im looking to get a few of my grails and get out of the shoes game. You...
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    LTB: Nike SB promo items

    Im looking for any and all nike sb promo items you may have and want to sell. Specifically one of the nike sb money cat statues but PM me with what ou have and ill more than likely be interested. Please do not come at me with some outrageous price though im more than reasonable and willing to...
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    Shipped fast and great communication. id efinitely reccomend to any other NSB users
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    Just finished a local trade with nsb user SneakerSam and it was a very smooth transaction. Dude is 100% legit and a great guy to do business with. I highly recommend him to fellow nsb users
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    Bought some peacock mids off of LO KAL ViSUAL and they came in exactly as described. Shipped fast and also he bumped it to 2 day delivery. I recommend him to all on NSB, hes a great guy to do business with
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    Is there someway to setup the buy it now button?

    I have a deal with another user and he claims my buy it now button isnt working. Is there a specific way to set this up? i really would rather use the buy it now button to build my feedback. Thanks for all the help in advance and i apologize if theres already a thread for this.