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    Nike SB Zoom FC x FP Drenched Blue

    Good to see the almost return of the FC. That FP sole skates good too, will probably have to try a pair out i think!
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    black preme low LC

    Just got these off eBay, they look fine to me but just making sure before i leave feedback, cheers
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    WTB: Black Supreme Blazers 10-10.5

    Whatup NSB looking to get some Black Supreme Blazers, don't really mind what condition, would prefer them to be fairly clean, size 10 or 10.5 only, if anyone is looking to move some or knows anyone that is then let me know with a PM cheers
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    Legit Check Tiffany Diamonds

    Had these for a while but just got a trade offer on them and thought i'd make 100% sure before i send pics. Here's a link to a bunch of pics: Thanks
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    WTB Nike SB KobexKoston Jersey

    Looking for the promo Jersey that came out with the Koston x Kobe Koston 1, if anyone has one in an XL or a XXL hit me up cheers.
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    WTB Gucci slip ons sz10

    Looking for these, they're still listed on the gucci website but not in a 10 and are sold out here. If anyone has them or is able to pick them up from an american shop for me i'd be happy to flow you some extra money for them
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    Shane Oneill Battle Commander

    Everyone needs to go watch this shit right now. Makes me proud to be Aussie, shredding Nugz!
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    Tim B's Collection

    What's up NSB, been a member on here for a few years but i dropped off a bit for a while. Got right back into it lately so here's a new collection thread with my updated pics. I rock most my shoes and have shredded plenty aswell (you'll notice there's no Janoski pics, i've...
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    Tim_B's Collection

    What's up NSB? Finally got around to taking some new collection pics since it's been a while, so here's the update: Some of you will know i'm from Australia so i get a lot of my stuff sent over from the US, i try to keep it just to my favourites these days, bit of variety i...
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    Sneaker Freaker X P Rod Interview

    Not a bad read if anyone wanted to peep:
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    Just bought some kicks off me, paid straight away and always a real friendly dude, deal with this guy, 100% legit!
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    Danny Hamard

    Found this posted off another site and thought it was worth a re post, some really tech stuff in here and some solid lines: Enjoy
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    Nick Merlino Enjoy
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    Bought 2 new era fitted caps of this guy and he posted them to me super quick internationally, 100% legit. Will do business again and he's a nice guy too
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    Tim_B's Collection

    Aight, been in the SB game for serious a little over half a year now, just buying what i like most. It's a bit harder over here in Australia, i get most of my stuff posted over here or have to travel, but i love it. I wear all of my kick's and skate most of them too. This is what i got...
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    -Nike SB 'Out Of The Blue' Aus tour- Check it out, good read and some really good pics and sequences. Enjoy
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    P Rod 2 Interview + Pics

    Not sure if it's been posted yet but i thought it might be worth a checkout anyway: Enjoy
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    My first custom dunk.

    Whats up NSBers, This is my first time customising a dunk. Wore and skated these kicks a little bit a while ago, but hadn't worn them in a while so I decided to give customising a shot the other day. It started out blue/white, I pulled the tick and the wings back. I glued on some dope fluro...