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    OBAMA IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET! ^ I'm looking to start something like this...not...
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    Click Here

    theres these annoying links popping up everywhere on the forums you know the website where the guy broke up with his ex-gf so he is going to put here private pictures on the web if you get enough clicks your personalized link well they're fucking annoying, can you guys start giving out...
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    The Longest Thread

    This WILL be the longest thread on NSB, let's shoot for 1000 pages It's going to take time, everyone on here is going to have to be a team player for this to succeed. Say whatever you want, post pictures, tell stories, tell jokes, vent, pout, double post, triple post, quadruple post, it...
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    Underground Films

    Post your not so well known films here. Movies that you like that most people probably haven't heard of. Like K.I.D.S. or Thirteen for example
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    Do you fear your government?

    Do you fear your government? Why?
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    Driving Music

    Post those greats songs to drive to
  7. ryan1122t35

    Cyber with the person below you

    I open the door, I'm wearing a monocle and cowboy boots You stand there gazing The moonlight casts it's lunar beams upon my soft butt cheeks
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    Holiday Gifts and Wishlists

    1. What have you bought others as holiday gifts? 2. What are you receiving as holiday gifts? 3. What are you hoping you will get as a holiday gift? Pics are welcome