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  1. bridgener


    Ahh Christmas eve, the one time of the year I go to church. Merry Christmas to all you peeps!
  2. bridgener

    Shit You Wish Women Didn't Do.

    I didn't draw it
  3. bridgener

    Life's Mysteries

    Actually it was Ed "Big Daddy" Roth who started the whole graphic tee thing in the early 60's I think. He screen printed drawings of Rat Finks (probably his most popular), hotrods and wierd monsters on undershirts and that shit just caught on!
  4. bridgener

    What One's Wearing-- December

    ^I wish my Gino FC's were that clean, Dereck. Try some black laces, you'll never go back! edit: right shoe is pretty effed up too.. just so's you know.
  5. bridgener

    What One's Wearing-- December

    For a cold, windy day! Can't wait to skate these again, the premium leather is too nice.
  6. bridgener

    Life's Mysteries

    interesting kaptinbuck3t, but there are always cases where more than ten wipes are needed. Anyways. The often asked, but never answered: Where the fuck do baby pigeons go?
  7. bridgener

    Life's Mysteries

    I've only got one for now: How do blind people know when to stop wiping their butts? discuss!
  8. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    My friend's dad owns an m3 that he daily drives all year, and Montreal winter is no joke. He's fine, just can't turn the traction control off.
  9. bridgener

    Best Rap Lyric Similes/Metaphors

    Hey fella, I bet you're still livin' in your parents' cellar Downloadin' pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar And postin' "Me too!" like some brain-dead AOL-er I should do the world a favor and cap you like Old Yeller You're just about as useless as jpegs to Hellen Keller...
  10. bridgener

    What laces on my Takashi 2's?

    in before the lock! but once you go black you'll never go back!
  11. bridgener


    One thing I always make sure to do every time I go down to Florida - visit the cheesecake factory. kobe burger gets me every time!
  12. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    I'd go for a used bare bones s4 v8, slap on a vortech, and have a field day! skrillz, pics please! 420hp at the flywheel is more than enough to lay a nice long patch of rubber lol.
  13. bridgener

    What One's Wearing-- December

    thanks for the comments on the e-cues, i'm definitely going to look for more pairs as I get more cash. As far as the insoles, they're as described. I'll try to snap a pic tomorrow if anyone wants. Wierd though, my URL's have regular zoom air in the heel, and the black softer...
  14. bridgener

    chip SB

    Second time buying from chip, never had a doubt in my mind. He's always got the goods!
  15. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    ^My neighbour has a silver SRT8. My house has an orgasm every time he drives by, followed by me. forget the gas mileage, life is for having fun right?
  16. bridgener

    What One's Wearing-- December

    those are some wicked shoes, z_torfa! The postman just dropped these off. I'm just having fun bouncing around my house on the full length zoom airness, giggling like a little schoolgirl. There's really no other feeling quite like it, like mini trampolines or something!
  17. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    Had me fooled. Well, I think you know what to buy next!
  18. bridgener

    Team News

    ^I'm really not sure, but I'm betting that Kayo just bit the bullet and finally paid him what he deserves. He also fits much better on Expedition One IMO.
  19. bridgener

    Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB (no straps)

    let's just hope the flaps are high-top style too! The flaps on my old GR mids were what made them.
  20. bridgener

    General Automotive Talk

    nice bbs' dunxxx, i bet you're happy with them! kybosh, what's the plan for that truck now? did you get rid of your second one?