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  1. Roweazie

    Here's a freestyle house/tech house music i just made

    Not the best mixes in the world but i hope you'll enjoy it. thanks for listening. [/url]"][/URL]
  2. Roweazie

    LC Please on Nike SB EMB Fabio Cristiano 311689 101

    these are something i have not seen before and im thinking of getting them off my friend's hand. he's giving me a great deal but i would like to know if these sb brazil are legit. thank you in advance. I took all these pics my self.
  3. Roweazie

    Red Lobster LC pt2

    I appologized for making another thread. the previous thread were locked and unable to update the pics. I hope this time i got it right and if need more pic's please post up. I appreciate all the help. I notice this SB Red Lobster toe box seems pretty soft and not firm. any idea why?
  4. Roweazie

    Red Lobster Legit Check Please.

    I appreciate your time. Looking to pick these up locally but i need 2nd openion if these are real/authentic. ...