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  1. jwizvr6


    Hey NSB I'm parting ways with a bunch of my collection.  Serious offers only. Please don't waste my time.  NO TRADES!!! PM me for info ThanksDs10.5 Unlv Vnds 10.5 Dino Jrs  DS 10.5 Ironman Highs  DS 10.5 Ryu Mids  DS 10.5 Chung Li Lows  DS 10.5...
  2. jwizvr6

    Selling question

    Selling a big chunk of my personal collection and wondering where I should post the list of shoes.   Way too many to photo and post in market place.  Please advise.  Thanks
  3. jwizvr6

    Jwizvr6 Custom : Cast Dunk Hi =)

    ok heres the back story. My 2 1/2 yr old boy broke his shin bone. Going down playground slide with mommy. This is his 2nd cast newly applied yesterday. Its below his knee so now he can try to start walking again. Being the 1st to sign i decided to go with a swoosh. But it ended up being a dunk...
  4. jwizvr6


    Selling off a majority of my personal collection. Mainly sz10.5 Posted some in the market place. ALOT more to come.
  5. jwizvr6

    LC: UNLV + Dino Jr

    prior to selling off my collection just wanted to confirm these. thanks in advance! UNLV Dino Jrs
  6. jwizvr6

    Jwizvr6 Custom : Team Red Highs

    Here's a September '12 Nike SB release. Really like this pair just needed a slight mod. So I stripped and painted the swoosh to match the Nike SB tongue tag/ sole. Again feel free and let me know what you think! Thanks.
  7. jwizvr6

    Jwizvr6 Custom : Send Help Lows

    Sup NSB its been awhile... Nothing much here. Just altered the toe boxes on both pairs Pair with the white toe box reminded me of send helps (slightly) And I just have a thing for black toe boxes. Thus the other pair. Let me know what ya think.
  8. jwizvr6

    Jwizvr6 Custom : Stone, white and green

    Base shoe is the May GR Dunk Low/ Medusa. Nothing crazy here just painted the mid panel white as well as the back heel. The shoe is really clean just needed a lace swap but i felt like messing around. I must say this pair is much different stripping down compared to recent release. Meaning it...
  9. jwizvr6

    LTB: sz10.5 trickstar lows and freddys

    Not looking for anything else right now other than the 2 in title. Vvnds/ds condition. Pm me Thanks
  10. jwizvr6

    Guinness SB Dunk Hi Custom *Jwizvr6

    Heres another March '12 release.  Color added to lighten up a plain semi shiny all black dunk high. Let me know what you think.  Thanks! Note: for anyone planning on using this shoe as a base, Ive found its very easy to strip down the leather on these. Leather is very poor in...
  11. jwizvr6

    Sea Crystal Mid Custom *Jwizvr6

    What up NSB! Picked these up the other day with the intention to do something to lessen the contrast created by the black leather.  I really like the pebbled leather for its texture. But unfuortunately the pebble leather used on this release is hard... Brief description: Stripped the...
  12. jwizvr6

    Tiffanys inside tag question

    Whats difference with ones numbered 050406 and 050507
  13. jwizvr6

    Reptile (Mortal Kombat)

    Here's February '12 Non-online release : Pine green/black-atom red I basically picked up the pair to alter. The shade of green and gloss layer from factory was reason for this release to fail in my opinion. The woodgrain-ish texture is nice to a certain extent. But it was finished with clear...
  14. jwizvr6

    LTB: Koston Highs, Charcoal Lows, Trickstars, Supreme Blazers

    Koston Highs- only DS. ALL Sizes! Charcoal Lows- only DS. ALL sizes Dunk low trickstars- vvnds/ds sz10.5 Supreme Blazers- all. Vvnds/DS sz10
  15. jwizvr6

    cemeterydrive x jwizvr6 custom collabo

    All started wih me feeling confident with Nicks skill with his cement print. Had the idea in my head and was bout time to make it happen. So I shipped "Mr Cement" my pair of Pee Wees and he did his thing. Received the shoes back yesterday and immediately I had to drop what I was working on to...
  16. jwizvr6

    Jwizvr6 Custom : Un-Supremes Lows

    Well this is the pair thats also in "Share your f*ups" thread. The base shoe was the SB B.Anderson Lows. This base is great to mess with for the fact it already has a black tongue, white/blk sole and red sockliner. The suede was dyed gray. The leather was stripped and painted black. And the...
  17. jwizvr6

    Share your custom F*ups!

    Ok so anyone who has ever attempted or does custom work/modifications to their kicks or their customer kicks have at one point or another F*ed up! Well I mainly post here on NSB to here the good/bad/or whatever. Everything Ive done helps me learn and gain better no how. And I have no hesitation...
  18. jwizvr6

    James aka *JWIZVR6- COLLECTION**

    It started off as a small collection. Then it turned into INVENTORY... 75-80% of my collection is DS/stash only. Gonna take awhile to post all but figured I'd start somewhere. Enjoy!
  19. jwizvr6

    Jwizvr6 Custom *Plaids*

    Heres is my actual 1st pair with material used. Proir to the "Gucci Customs". Base dunk used was Nike Dunk High. (midnight navy/white-lght chrcl) The blue of the sneaker is nubuck. The actual plaid material used was a pair of shorts that I had which no longer fit. This is the custom that made me...
  20. jwizvr6

    LTB: SB Dunk Koston High sz 8 through 12. VVNDS/DS

    Lets go sell me your Koston Highs. If price is right.... Automatic sale! VVNDS/DS ONLY