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  1. cemeterydrive

    Size 9.5-10 SB Dunks for Sale

    Selling these: Blazers are sold, Digital Florals are sold. SIZE 10 Plum Highs - Worn 2x, 10/10 OG everything. $90 SIZE 10 Money Cat Mids- Worn 1x by me 9/10 (some gold stains, minor creasing or heel drag), OG box only. $80 Bruts - Worn 10x, 8/10 OG box. BIN: $100 Twin Peaks - Worn (not by...
  2. cemeterydrive

    Feedback for RICHY7501

    Do not hesitate to do business with RICHY7501. I've done several transactions with him, including custom work where he paid me, shipped me shoes, and I shipped back. Also purchased a custom pocket tee from me too. He's more than legit. Take my word for it!
  3. cemeterydrive


    Did a local meetup to sell a Supreme Camel Camp Cap, paid, 100% legit, will do business with again!
  4. cemeterydrive

    White UnSupreme Dunk Low custom

    Sorry it took me so long N-SB, but you knew it was coming. I'm surprised no one on here attempted it. Anyways, it's the Matte Silver/Royal Blue Dunk lows as a base, cemented. Jwizvr6 professionally dyed the swoosh black. These will remain a 2 of 2, as I will still offer to cement this dunk for...
  5. cemeterydrive

    Styleguide and Marketplace Uploading question

    I've tried to upload a pic to the Styleguide, as well as post a listing in the marketplace, and both are not working. I don't know if it's my internet connection, as I normally don't have a problem. But when it comes to the Styleguide, I select my photo, the page is loading, and I never get to...
  6. cemeterydrive

    Cemented Black/Clay SB Dunk Highs

    01.20.12Finished another custom for a fellow N-SB member.1st pair of SB Dunk Clay Highs cemented.Just your good ol' fashioned cement print treatment by yours truly. PM me if you would like one of your pairs of shoes cemented!
  7. cemeterydrive


    STYLEGUIDE RULES/GUIDELINES The whole purpose of the styleguide is to show what you are wearing, where you will be "swagged" by other users. You may submit a pic of yourself, with shoes on your feet, hat on your head, or an entire fit. This is not a place to show off your recent pick-ups...
  8. cemeterydrive

    Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB Black Supremes Cement Mod

    My latest custom. Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB Black Supremes. Reminiscent of the 2002 Black Supreme dunk low colorway, these new dunks were just asking for a cement print mod. Another CemeNterydrive custom, that was demanded, and expected. For HIGH RES photos, please visit my Tumblr...
  9. cemeterydrive

    cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    oHFTKLYQs84 (for higher quality, please go to: Link)   So here's the story, first off, my name is Nicholas. I bought my first pair of Nike dunks sometime in 2005, and since then I've been hooked. I fell into collecting dunks, fast, and hard. I just absolutely love the dunk. So I started...
  10. cemeterydrive

    Wino Janoski/Blood Splatter Janoski

    Anybody close to Nike SB, or anyone at all, know for sure that they're scrapped? Or is it possible it can come out? Just curious.
  11. cemeterydrive


    Title says it all. LTB a pair DS or VNDS bone mids or Ms Piggy Highs 9-10. Gonna need either pair for a custom base, will determine if my custom will be a high or mid. Preferrably, I want a pair of Ms. Piggy Highs, custom I feel like it will be an easier custom.
  12. cemeterydrive

    Marketplace trouble with pics

    So this is my listing: This is actually the 2nd time I listed these, and same thing happen. Initially when listed, all my pics are fine. A couple of days later, 4 of my pics became another shoe. Not only that, it's a shoe from someone...
  13. cemeterydrive

    LC on Hawaiis size 9

    I thank you in advance mods! Lacebag was reattached.
  14. cemeterydrive

    Size 13 Nike SB Low Day of the Deads

    Here's the original eBay link...
  15. cemeterydrive

    Which would you rather?

    I was thinking about this, 'cause I know my N-SB brethren would love to participate. It's a game I always play on the car ride home. Simple rules, you choose situation 1 or situation 2. You can't alter the two, and you can't pick both. Feel free to explain why you chose either of the two those...
  16. cemeterydrive

    LTB Cheech and Chongs 9.5 or 10

    Please pm me if you have them. Need them for a friend.
  17. cemeterydrive

    Custom Freddy Box Tag

    This is technically just a PS, but I just need to stop at a kinkos to print this out. Been meaning to anyways. Well, I scanned a goldbox boxtag of mine, but it came out shitty, and after photoshopping, the text got pixelated. So I tried my best adjusting the font (which I think are...
  18. cemeterydrive

    DS Statue of Liberties size 11.5 or 12

    I'm looking for a pair of Statue of Liberties size 11.5 or 12 for a friend. HELP ME OUT. Looking for around $200.
  19. cemeterydrive

    Marketplace tweak

    You're missing a few good colors. Pink or Magenta, and Brown or tan.