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    new month, new thread. couldn't wait to put these on when they arrived yesterday.
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    cnn does article on sneakerheads ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- OutKast's Big Boi is a junkie, has been for years. The multiplatinum rap star got his first shoe fix back when he was better known as Antwan Patton, a busboy at Steak and Ale. He saved up his paychecks...
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    street dreams looks pretty cool.. i'll watch..
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    death by dildo Woman Dies After Using Jackhammer As Dildo Posted on May 5, 2009 by tubesteak ARNDALE, OK – Sheriff’s investigators have closed the unsettling case of a 49-year-old female construction worker found dead in her driveway after a...
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    steve-o demise and rise

    did anyone catch this on mtv last night? those footages of him with the drugs and stuff was crazy! glad to see he's cleaning himself up though..
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    another ridiculous 911 call

    first it was the lady that called 911 cause mcdonald's didnt have mcnuggets.. and now this.... HALTOM CITY, Texas — A woman called 911 to report she didn’t get as much shrimp as she wanted in her fried rice at a Fort Worth-area...
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    april fool's prank

    not sure if this was an april fool's joke or not, but pretty funny prank to pull of on someone..
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    iphone app for skaters

    thought this was a cool app to have on your iphone..
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    it's that time of year again.. anyone giving up anything this time? gonna try to give up gambling and goin out to eat. see how much money i can save.