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  1. mxlct

    LTB Vans Half Cab "College" Pack Sz 9/9.5

    Been searching for these for a long time, dying for the blue pair but also interested in the black and red. Size 9.5 or 9.
  2. mxlct

    Borgata Camo Pocket Oxfords

    So borgata dropped those camo pocket oxford last week, did anyone cop? I'm about to but i'm wondering if anyone knows about the fit. I usually size down for button-downs, but they look like they fit a little slim. Any input? Thanks!
  3. mxlct

    Nike Dunk Low Igloo Sole

    I couldn't find a forum for Non-SB dunks... I probably just didn't look hard enough, but either way I figure it works here. I copped THIS pair of Dunk Lows like 5 years ago just when i started getting interested in collecting and rockin em today i wondered what the story was with them...