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  1. kyle k yo


    seattle WA to naples florida someone help me out ?
  2. kyle k yo

    car accidents

    this happened today took a free right guy come out of no where we swirved of the road onto a curb hit a sign and went up a telephone cable and ontop of it the fucker speeds off.
  3. kyle k yo


    leave feedback if we have dealed or met ect.
  4. kyle k yo

    official whip thread

    lets get it started !!
  5. kyle k yo


    i really need to know. thanks guys
  6. kyle k yo

    legit check

  7. kyle k yo

    legit check needed

  8. kyle k yo


    are they hella tight ? like what the ebst thing about it in your opinion ? im debating on buyin one or not
  9. kyle k yo

    kyle k's collectiong

    all rocked its small but i buy what i like when i have the money. enjoy :]
  10. kyle k yo

    any washington , federal way skate heads ?

    let me knoww guys
  11. kyle k yo


    i was just wondering if anyone stuffs the toe with .. plastic bags socks etc please let me kno.