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Berlin Shopping Guide


New member
Jan 15, 2006
I just got back from a week in Berlin and visited a good amount of shops. I've decided to give you guys the lowdown on shopping in Berlin.

First 2 nessecary pick-ups:
1. Einooo magazine - This is basically a shoppingguide on itself, although it misses a lot of great stores. Does feature some stores worth checking out and maps for every district
2. Vice Guide To Berlin - For some reason they've decided to print this in German, but still features some good maps (combine this with Einooo and you won't have to buy a city map) and if you can read German some nice info as well.

Both mags are available at most shops featured here. Also pick up 030 magazine (free as well) that lists all the parties, concerts and other stuff in the city.

Let's get down to the stores. Berlin has a great selection of stores with a lot of nice stuff and all the clerks I've met are really nice (no vibing here, and they're really helpful as well)

Stores I visited:

Nort Berlin
address: Münzstraße 19

Small store with a great selection of Nike's. They better have because it's the only thing they sell (no Recon clothing in this one) Also has Berlin's only Tier 0 account. Don't forget to check the polaroid photo's at the register, they feature the pairs on sale that aren't in the frontroom of the store anymore.

address: Nürnberger Straße 16

Berlin's biggest selection of hot sneakers. Ton's of hot Nike (SB)'s, New Balances, Puma's (Tier 0), Vans' (Syndicate) and Adidas. Clothes by Fucking Awesome, Kicks TYO, The Hundreds, Dave White, SBTG, FHI, MHI and Berlin's only seller of BBC. Although they're not really a skateshop, they have decks by brands like Girl/Choclate and Krooked. Also some hard to find vinyl toys. Staff is a bit snobby and it takes ages for them to check for your size.

address:Gärtnerstraße 31

Easy going shop that offers a collection of Vans, Nike, Jordan and New Balance. Only store in town that sells Mishka and 10 Deep, other clothing brands include Staple, Rockwell and WoodWood.

address: Köpenicker Strae 195 a

Overkill has a graffiti background and sells a ton of spraycans. But it doesn't stop there, they've got a whole wall full of sneakers by Nike, Puma, New Balance, Enties+, Run Athletics and Adidas. Prices are pretty fair for Europe. Clothingbrands include Triumvir3, Orchard Street, Yack Fou, Nike and their own Overkill brand.

address: Schröderstraße 8, first floor

You want exclusive streetwear? Look no further. Firmament (from the guy that brought you sells a great selection of brands like Supreme, UNDFTD, PAM, Staple, Neighbourhood, Original Fake, W)Taps and more. No sneakers here, but this is the place to pick up some Visvim's. There's also a nice collection of books and catalogues. This is a store you really have to look for since it's based on the first floor of an apartment complex. Just ring the bell and you'll get buzzed up.

Search & Destroy
address: Oranienstraße 198
website: -

Search & Destroy is a small skateshop that's mostly stocked with European brands. The footwear section is filled with Nike SB (one of the 2 accounts in the city), Lakai and Britain's latest shoebrand Mcarta.

Titus Zoopreme
address: Meinekestraße 2

Don't let the name fool you, this shop has nothing to do with the Zoo York/Supreme collabo. Big skateshop that features all big skatebrands alongside streetwearbrands like Stussy, Freshjive, Carhartt and Fernchurch. Also sells a couple of Non-SB Nike's. There's also another Titus in another part of the city.

Adidas Originals
adress: Münzstraße 13/15

Right next door to Nort. If you ever visited an Adidas Originals store you know what it's about. Big selection of shoes, clothing and accessoires that take you back to the golden age of the brand with the 3 stripes.

adress: Tauentzienstraße 7

Another store that speaks for itself. Two floors of Nike fun, tons of clothes and don't forget to check the signed AJ1's.

address: Rochstraße 4

If you like streetwear with a European twist this is your shop. Right around the corner from Nort and Adidas, WoodWood brings you brands like MHI, Kim Jones, aNYthing and Ralph Lauren and toys by Medicom and Kid Robot. Offcourse they also have a big selection of their own WoodWood brand.

Big Brobot
address: Kopernikusstraße 19

Toys galore in this shop. Be@rbrick, Medicom, Amos and various western vinyl companies call this place home. The bookshelfs are filled with books about graffiti, toys, streetwear and sneakers while the clothing section stocks brands like Stussy, Zoo York, Toy Machine and Volcom. Some of skatestuff available as well.

address: Nürnberger Straße 24a

Right down the street from Solebox this is your spot if you're down with actionfigures. Big collection of Star Wars, but also your favourite Marvel/DC heroes, European comic stars like TinTin and artists (you know, people who make music)

Paul's Boutique
address: Oderbergstraße 47

Definitly what you call a hidden gem. This place is stuffed with OG's. Jordan's, SB's (black box), Vans and all sorts of basketballshoes (from Nike to Adidas and even Avia) Tons of sneakers, mostly all worn and without box, that you can't find anywhere anymore. Some will need some restoration and cleaning, but you might just find some nice stuff in the big pile. The owner definitly knows what's what and according to their website they also sell second hand tees from brands like Stussy. Some shots you give you an impression:

(shit that isn't for sale)


The goods:



The window:


Next door is also a second hand shop with a lot of sneakers (tons of Etnies, some (black box) SB's and other stuff.) Mostly smaller sizes, but almost everything is DS with box:

Depot 2
address: Oranienstraße 9

Not much to say about this one, just a basic streetwear store near Search & Destroy. Stussy, Fresh Jive and XLarge, shoes by Nike 6.0, DC and Vans.

address: Rosenthalerstraße 48

If you paid attention you know Carhartt is a major player in the European streetwear scene. All their stuff is piled together in this 3 floor Flagship store. The Nike SB website says that they have an SB account, but when I came down all I saw was a Nike SB Mat. Sneaked a peek inside the storage but couldn't see any boxes. Still worth a visit though.

adress: Max Beer Straße/ Münzstaße. 14-16

WESC is a Scandanavian skateboardbrand that focusses on style. They have several flagship stores in various cities and this is the Berlin chapter.

Peek & Cloppenburg
adress: Tauentzienstraße 19

Peek & Cloppenburg is a bit preppy mall store that sells brands like LaCoste and Tommy Hilfiger. Why is it in this shopping guide then? Well, the store on the Tauentzienstraße has a basement that sells Nike, Adidas, Stussy, 2K and Marahashi. There's also a small collection of toys (mostly Be@rbrick).

Stores I haven't visited:

address: Rankestraße 5-6

Brands: Aem'kei, Boxfresh, LRG, Mecca, Obey, Etnies+, Stussy, Upper Playground, Vans Vault, Zoo York, WESC, Freshjive

Trainer Berlin
address: Alte Schönhauserstraße 50

Solebox's little brother. According to the guy at Nort it wasn't all that special. A two year old report on Superfuture says different. Didn't have the time to go down and check it out for myself, if you do please tell us what you thought.

address: Oranienburgerstraße 8

Passed by this one at night and saw some nice Puma's and Adidas'. Seriously, who still has Puma Disc's in stock? Well, these guys have. Also a lot of great Adidas Originals that you won't find in the Adidas Originals store.

Onitsuka TIger
address: Alten Schönhauser Straße 20-22

Personally I'm not a big Onitsuka Tiger fan, but those that are can get their Asics fix at this flagship store.

Cool House Boarding
address: Penzlauer Allee 208/Leibniz Straße 61

Boardstore (skate/surf/snow) Brands: Circa, Supra, Lakai, Volcom, Burton, Forum, Analog, Girl, Zoo York etc

Writers Corner
address: Gleimstraße 22

Another graff related shop (not weird since Berlin is completely bombed) Besides a big collection of cans and markers you can find stuff from Stussy, Nike (6.0), New Balance, Vans and Triple 5 Soul.

Music: I selected 2 spots for the most popular musicgenres here (hiphop and punk/hardcore) so you can go down there for the latest party/concert info etc.
address: Grünberger Straße 54

The spot for hiphop. Tons of vinyl (most of it is in the storage, but you can always ask one of the nice employees) and clothing. Check the staircase for tags from artists like El da Sensei and Freestyle (Arsonists).

Core Tex
address: Oranienstraße 3

Both punk/hardcore record store and label these guys keep it DIY. Drop by for records, clothing or concert info.

There it is. If you want to add a store or info please post it up!


New member
Aug 2, 2005
Wow Warhead. Very well done.


New member
Jan 15, 2006
Dunky, please make this sticky.


New member
Jan 12, 2006
nice guide, thank you warhead !! great work!!


New member
Dec 9, 2007
Very nice guide, but Firmament is now a tier0 store too!


New member
May 30, 2007
I was in Berlin a week ago, and used this guide and EIN000 to find the spots! Thanks Warhead, saved me a lot of time!

I do have some remarks:

Solebox is not selling Nike anymore. They got into some sort of fight with Nike or something. Staff was snobby as fuck, as you wrote in this guide. It was really a pain in the ass to get them to tell me about the Nike-issue and to tell me about some other stores. Assholes!

Paul's Boutique was what I was looking forward most to when in Berlin (who doesn't like to think about picking up grails for less than nothing), but the visit was actually quite disappointing. The guy was a bit grumpy, and I only found 2 pairs of SB (snakeskin lows). But maybe I was just unlucky I guess.

Titus Zoopreme was a surprise! They sell SB's! And I found a pair of Batman Mids for only 30 euro's!


New member
Jan 15, 2006
Last time I was at Solebox the staff was actually quite nice. Had a good chat with Hikmet as well.

Paul's Boutique is quite hit or miss.

Might update this in the near future.
Nov 3, 2010
just a little update on this thread as its getting old.
came back home from berlin yesterday, and these shops were the ones that stood out (out of all the ones i visited).

pauls botique:
visited two days in a row and seems like they restock everyday.
a lot of adidas on the shelves but also a lot of mixed nike stuff, amongtst the sb's i found here were: 2 pairs of purple avengers, sandalwoods,venom highs, woodgrain janoskis+ a few pairs og gr janoskis.

meins & deins:

same thing as pauls botique, alot of mixed stuff. picked up stussy and hunter lows, left a pair of kujiwharas..

these two shops can be a goldmine if you know even the bare minimum on cleaning/restoring sneakers!

civilst berlin:

berlins premier sb acount. so premier that they get shipments directly from oregon-not ftom the holland hq.
outstanding service and a nice selection of the latest sb releases plus some older.. (they even let me have a look in their stockroom to se if there was something i wanted).


allmost the same as civilist but not as good. found both floral and volt janoskis sitting on shelves in the most popular sizes..


this was the real shocker of the trip. as they actually stocked sb's wich i found rather weird..
floral janskis and koston 2's in nothing but the most common sizes just sitting there for retail!