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Apr 13, 2005
Nike Dunk High U.N.K.L.E – DUNKLE Dunk

Quick legit check on Nike Dunk High U.N.K.L.E. A.K.A. Dunkle Dunk High are to spot the graphic pattern, the “6” n double “X” on the toe box, ghost print n color beside the normal legit check on the box tag, shoes shape, inside tag, box tag and etc.,


- Graphic pattern prints are SAME OR FIXED with slight difference depending on the size of the shoes

- Graphic prints are machine PRINTED with left over pixels on all the edges

- Big n small "ghost's" head, ear and both eyes on the side panel are full visible without being cut off or hidden.

- Color of the suede are faint pink

- White n Black prints on the shoes are not over-oversaturated since its printed with machine

- “6” should be sharp n not mess up, not too bold n Fat. Double "X - Big thin and small not so visible with broken line


- Graphic pattern prints messy n assorted not as legit should be SAME N FIXED

- Graphic pattern prints painted n oversaturated on the white n black pattern

- Big n small ghost’s head, ear and both eyes on the panel cut off, hidden and not full size

- Color of the suede hot pink

- “6” mess up very bold and fat.

- Double "X" Small visible with big too bold






There are some noticable diffrences between the 2, fake unkles have the 6 messed up, as well no pics of the tounges in any of these images i might add for the funks... Any members feel free to point them out or photoshop to compare the 2, then resend to me to upload.

UNKLES are hard to tell when you dont have a good reference right in front of you.............. One way I use is to look at the right outside toe... It should look like 6 x with the 6 cut right in the middle. Most fakes really mess that part up.
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