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I talked to a manager of our local CCS and he was knowledgeable with SB's. They get and only sell GR's. They have not will not be receiving any QS in the foreseeable future.


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Official grand opening.


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Hey guys, I am located in the DMV and I just started my own webshop

Go ahead and check it out, all needed information regarding shipping is on the website and I do meet up in the DMV area

thanks guys

Hey guys my name is Will H and this is the webshop I just opened yesterday


Go ahead and check it out, to start the site off I have some stuff up for pretty cheap including some 10 deep items from this season that are less than retail

Every day there are new items so go ahead and keep checking and you'll be sure to find more and more clothing that will hopefully spark your interests!

thanks for reading this and hopefully checking out my site


Jay Appleseed

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Its 2-9. I live all the way uptown from DC so its a mission from me too. but its def worth the trip.

Come out and chill with n-sb homies like me, Missle trap, the legendary Jls5en and many more.
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