Dunk SB Inside Tag 06


Nov 19, 2005
2006 Dunk Tags


So far I've noticed a couple of differences between the fake and legit inner tags.

Quick Tip -

Legit HJ font size Larger than the production number with a parallel line on the top of the lettering with a gap on the bottom

Fake HJ Font same size and parallel with the production number and in a line on the bottom with no gap

1. The font is obviously off with the top number being close to the line on the fake ones and being far on the
legit ones.

2. The number under the bar code pretty much has its third number over the asterick.
This is just from the ones that I've seen. On the fake ones, you can tell that they are way off.
(please let me know if you see otherwise)

3. It's not circled, but I just noticed the date on the legit ones are far from the barcode, while the fakes are

4. Another thing noticed is that the number size for US is centered under US for the fake ones, but staggered
on the legit ones (at least for the smaller sizes).

NOTE: please notify me if you notice anything different with other sizes, so it can be changed.

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