Dunk SB - Lace Bag


Nov 19, 2005
Dunk SB - Lace Bag


- Rectangular shape measurement app. 7.5 cm Width X 13.5 cm Height

- Pin tag hole punch above the zip lock


- out shape wide and short measurement varied app. 7.5 or 8.5 cm width x 10 or 12 cm height

- Pin tag hole punch below the zip lock

Additional pictures of the Position on Pin Tag Hole - Legit n Fake

Legit - Pig tag hole above the Ziploc

Fake - Pin Tag hole below Ziploc

Prepared n Written by CM-R

Ever since i've been trying to find real 100% authentic tiff's i've noticed these key features on all REAL and FAKE Nike diamond supply sb dunks.... I hope this doesn't fall into the wrong hands and help the bad guys...lol

Oh well here are the comparison besides the obvious inside shoe tag and smooth croc skin... These shoes are both my shoes that i own... I have fake and real tiffany's... i got tricked and i hope to help other people not get as fooled as easily, since Nike SB forum helped me with open arms here is my contribution....
First is the lettering on the shoe lace bag itself, notice how the FAKEs looks painted on... and the real ones have nice, shiny, smooth lettering....

The Second thing to look for is the hole punch that the plastic tie goes through.. Notice how the FAKEs goes through the bag itself... The real lace bag has the hole punch through the zip lock opening portion of the bag... i have confirmed this by looking at all my real Nike SB shoe lace bags and all other dunk lace bags and noticed they all went through the zip lock opening portion of the bag...

The last thing to spot the FAKES are the front lacing area... The fakes are not colored aqua underneath the Croc skin... This one is easy to spot cause most sellers show the front of the Tiffany's.. Here are the pics to see what i'm talking about... I noticed this on very single 100% authentic Diamond dunks...

Hope this guide Helps you guys out !!!


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