E-Beef Royale


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I created this thread so all the other threads don't get clutter with "e-beef" Flame away at each other. Remember, this is serious business.
Yo derrickhoustlosvegas or whatever, you the bitch boi who owes the fam 20 bucks
We never once did one deal. I did flake. So I don't owe him anything I don't recall. Watch the hitch word though. I respected you enough to not call you out your name. Is appreciate the same.


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Dude, you fake as hell. When I called you out you brung up this sad shit about your family, BUT yet you bought Luckys from FCLA for 575? I'm not the type of person to rash on ppl, but bitch niggas get butt fucked 'round here.

This is 5 mins before he was supposed to send cash+kicks. The 3rd flake.

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