E-Beef Royale



Ck , it was totally justified ! It was like a challenge . i never felt hated on lol. But since this is the beef thread , Screw you guys ! I learned !


kawaii til' the casket shut
oh I didn't forget about you cole
heart this bitch



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cheatingk9610 writes:
More people like his gay miata than my shit though :( feelsbadman.jpg

I need a good camera. Give me tips people.


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lol the miata is weak as phuck and too gay to be flexing on instagram but give him a break bruhs, he's only 16-17. he's prob stoked to finally have his own car. reminds me of dat feeling when i copped my first box logo...i have never experienced such a feel closer to dat day since den...


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I still think he's whack since he joined here lulz acting like he is an OG to dis when he only been collecting for several months


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RICHY writes:
Bruh. I just started collecting this morning with my 22$ outlet pickup. Fight me phaggot.

Also, can someone help me find ______ shoe for non rape? I need to resell to feed the beast.


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^ if it does escalate to that then I want my own thread created, not beefing theough here. Reason why is cuz I think it would be something golden to look back on without the clutter that's been posted here. #PepperTheAngus


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yeah don't bother trying to drive traffic to the site on one of the biggest stories of the year, seems like a good idea
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