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Eclipse Lunar

Nov 19, 2005
Nike Dunk Low SB Lunar – A.K.A. Eclipse Dunk

Black = East Coast Lunar Dunk @ Dunk

White = West Coast Lunar Dunk

Quick legit check on Nike Dunk SB Low LUNAR A.K.A. ECLIPSE Dunk are to spot the overall shoe color especially on the TOE BOX,SWOOSH N SIDE PANEL, Eclipse embroidery position, workmanship on stitching, back heel NIKE font, tongue beside the normal legit check on the box tag, shoes shape, inside tag and etc.,


- East coast (black) color LT Graphite/Anthracite on TOE BOX PANEL. More to dark blue/black on TOE BOX N LACE TAB N SWOOSH. Darker grey on the SIDE PANEL.

- West Coast White color on the TOE BOX PANEL, Lightest Grey on the TOE BOX, LACE HOLE TAB N SWOOSH with Dark blue/black. Light grey on the SIDE PANEL.

- Eclipse Moon embroidery ROUND and with proportionally placed on the centre of the back heel lower panel

- East Coast Lunar – Back heel NIKE embroidery on Size “6” to “8” similar Font. Size 9.5 above “E” font SMALLER FONT than other 3 lettering.

- West Coast Lunar – Back Heel NIKE embroidery on all sizes similar Font with NIKE legit lettering.

- V bending n stuffed tongue


- East Coast n West Coast color fade and lighter color than it should be on legit pairs

- Eclipse moon embroidery not proportionally placed either too high or low from the midsole

- Back heel embroidery on both East and West coast lunar with wrong font and sizes

- Lace bag sizes off and punch hole below the ziplock

- Bad stitching with uneven stitches

- Short n straight tongue

East Coast Lunar Dunk A.K.A. Black Lunar

West Coast Lunar Dunk – A.K.A. White/Grey Dunk

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