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Fuck ebay... literally, everything about it.

I know our MP still has flaws but when someone buys something you get paid.. period. Fucking listed my PS3 2 times already, and the caveat is the shipping

you have to use their guestomate tool and it shows the lowest price, where then in turn it's actually a fuckload moar, so the buyer doesn't pay..

also that if you put an email address in a PM it says you can't do that on television.



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sidious writes:
you can name your own shipping price. when you get to the shipping part of creating your listing click create your own shipping option then click charge a flat cost. idk if that helps you though...


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fuck the post woman at my school.
i go to the post office (i printed a prepaid label), and she fucking rejects my package because im shipping priority but using a flat rate box. i couldnt fucking believe it, she said i couldnt just cross out/cover the flat rate symbols either, because she already knew i was using the flat rate box. the fuck, you want me to pay $7 more than i currently am, and have to void my current label for a refund? what a joke. now the shoes are in the same box flipped inside out, outward print says "priority mail postage required".
burn in hell you bitch
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Fuck that bitch^ I gota dumb bitch at my post office too, I fucking hate going when she's there.
In an unrelated side note, dude thought he was missed or sum.


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I had the same shit happen to me at a post office regarding the label not being made for flat rate box..I just went to another post office close by and it was shipped. suck it


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Fuck you to JosephJames' cat.
Sneak attacking son of a bitch.
Waiting for people to turn and walk away when they're done putting up with your shit and then you go and attack their legs.

Fuck you.
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