Gutter fam, give me some new drinking games.


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Some shit you play OTHER THAN BEER PONG OR FLIP CUP. The higher the chance of a blackout the better.

INB4 hurr drink da beer


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start a race in mario kart with a beer, you cant drink and drive and your beer has to be finished by the end of the race.


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Clock: It gets you fucked up kind of game(4-6 person Game)
Set up:
- place 12 Cards in a circle face down, Corresponding to hours on a Clock.
- Deal 4 to 5 cards out per person playing.

Flip over the cards starting at one Oclock.
(for each hour equals number of drinks.
Example one oclock equal 1 drink. Two Oclock equals 3 and so on)
Pass out corresponding cards between players. Card Values have nothing to do with how many drinks are taken, you have to match them once that card is flipped.
(say Two Oclock is a queen, you have one queen in your hand, pass it out to who ever you want for two drinks, If you have two of a card- pass them both out, players hang on to cards because they may repeat and can be regiven out.)
Take drinks. Flip over next "hour Card"
If you run out of cards..You dont win, infact nobody ever wins. You just get really drunk.
Players Have to take a card if its handed to them.
You can be a dick and hand out multipul of the same card to a single player.
(If a 3 is flipped over at 5 o clock - and three different people hand a 3 they have to "jim" he has to now take 15 drinks)

Hopefully that made sense, I tried explaining it as clear as I could.


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i forgot ride the bus. that gets you fucked up. all you need is beer and a deck of cards. i highly recommend it


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easy way to kill some shots.....rock paper scissors with some homies is what I do.

player who wins doesn't drink and keeps going until he or she loses....we also sometimes do gravs in between haha.

Ike Hates Mike

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Kings Cup

Another cool one is to have a circle with like 5+ people and have a person start drinking. Everyone has to keep drinking till the person on your right stops drinking, which allows you to either stop or keep drinking

Joseph James

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Styleguide drinking game, drink at every bad pun,not your average posts, circle jerk shots, jumping shots, "accidental heat" seen behind the actual shoes being worn


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red black hi low.
deck of cards, put four cards down face up in a line. beat the face up card with the next card out the deck by guessing red, black, higher or lower get all four in a row its the next persons go, get it wrong back to the start and drink... 1st card = 1 drink - 4th card = finish your drink. you must guess red or black once out of the four.
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