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Joseph James

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So this is my "paying it forward" moment on this site guys. I will be giving away this Jet fighter Camp made by Borgata DC. Also, some other goodies that will be a surprise. Haha

-This contest will ONLY be available to stashedboxes member active in the gutter
- To enter simply reply in this thread with "IN"
- Once I think enough people are entered. I will release the actual giveaway terms! (trust me, it's fair as shit too)
-This contest is being conducted by @cheatingk9610 , forward all questions regarding this event to him

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Haha, thanks for this J.James.
I saw that
🔴 grenadetoast
🔴 Cole (CM4521)
Have already entered. It's been noted guys, stay tuned! 🙌

Joseph James

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In , under the condition if i don't like my prize i can pass it to another member, i don't want to get stuck with something i won't use...


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It'd be fun if everyone that entered would giveaway their own prize too. then whoever wins gets a prize from everyone


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Hahaha, sorry about the delay. I fucked up the snap to the camp messing around with it. Been trying to get a replacement from BDC for it. I will start it right after I do.


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^ Nah..../Now STFU and get me a non copyrighted graphic to put on the shirts you fuck! Lmao!

So I got a replacement hat from BDC, contest is back on! I will be picking a winner from the entries below.
🔴 grenadetoast
🔴 CM
🔴 Duce
🔴 Average
🔴 Pedo Joe
🔴 Sharkeisha

Will post the winner later on tonight. Good luck phaguettes!
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