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I have decided to do this for people that decide to make a trip out to japan. ( Kind of a shopping guide)
For any one that cares to know. I am Japanese and currently live in Akishima Japan.
I have provided a map general map for the JR east train lines. and as things progress i plan on adding pictures so that you can familiarize your self with the surrounding area.

I will start off with the most well known place in japan...

To get here you will need to take the Yamanote line from Shinjuku
3 stops and you are there.
In Harajuku you will find...

Supreme Harajuku
Bathing Ape
Billionaire Boys Club
Murasaki Sports
Just to name off a few.

In harajuku you will witness many different genres of style.

Same as above its the stop after Harajuku
You can pretty much walk from Harajuku to Shibuya

Not as much as Harajuku
But cool for sight seeing I guess.

I will try and get pictures and be more direct on directions to there store.
As for now if you were curious as to where a certain store is at or just want to know what it looks like. Let me know I will put it in here.


THANKS!!!... my girlfriend will be living in Japan for a year so this actually helps because i'm gonna stay with her for a few weeks so I thought while she's working I could hit up a few places and get some stuff. Thanks again...


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Im down!
PM me the dates.
I am not in tokyo right now. but should be back next month..
cool pm me your details so I can contact you when I get there.. not sure if I have internet in my room yet, you know how it is.
I will be in the usual spots


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Da Lz, there are plenty of hot chicks all around.. Alot of them are hard to pick up on unless you speak the language. (I could start pick up lines(nanpa) within this thread also)

Nerdy, Thanks for the thanks. I wish I could update this more but I have been at several job sites waaaaaayyyy up north. ( in Aomori)

And Windman I will PM you with my contact info hit me up when ever and I will let you know if I am back down in Tokyo. (BTW most hotels in japan now have the internet.)

Thank you all




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Sorry for posting in this old thread. But I wanted to know about Aoyoma. Thats where bapexclusive is right? Im heading to japan soon so i want to know where aoyoma is. Thanks for the help with shibuya and harajuku. Definitely going there. Do u have to be a member to purchase from bapexclusive?
Thanks in advanced.


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im currently stationed in sasebo-nagasaki, japan....really wack place but im in tokyo right now...yokosuka to be exact. ive been to shibuya, roppongi (if thats how u spell it), yokohama, etc. i couldnt really fined a place to buy legit nike dunks or jordans. i keep walking into them fake ass african stores where the jordan logo looks like the version of big pun with the ball instead of jordan. help me out son, ill meet up anywhere if u want to0.


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^^^ Yo im not there anymore, but yea those fake ass africans own like 3 stores around harajuku, and shibuya. They have people outside recruiting you and stuff.If i remember right, you'll run into a few sb stores on your walk to shibuya from harajuku. Like this one shop that had wrestling masks, had an sb account, somewhere around shibuya before the big crossing. Then check out harajuku's supreme, undftd, and other shoe stores. Theres also a skateshop there in the shopping center with sb's. I found a lot of places with dunks, but just dont know exctly where they are.


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i've been stationed here in yokosuka, japan for a while now and havent found any sb's except for double faith skate shop. i'm planning on heading to harajuku and shibuya this weekend.
i'm excited //forums.stashedboxes.com/public/style_emoticons//smile.gif


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just went to japan harujuku is the best place, if ur looking for SB's its prolly not worth it, you mite as well shop on FC cuz the prices r way over priced.


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just went to japan harujuku is the best place, if ur looking for SB's its prolly not worth it, you mite as well shop on FC cuz the prices r way over priced.
Yep, even Half Cab's are around $100 in Japan. //forums.stashedboxes.com/public/style_emoticons//biggrin.gif


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never go to Japan, not sure about the prices there in the stores...but i have bought some sb from Japanese auction web sites, and i found some great deals, like cheaper than eBay deals...
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