INDONESIA Shopping Guide !!


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im just gonna keep it short and simple:

if you're in Jakarta, go to:

1. MyShoes, located in Radio Dalam St, South Jakarta. everyone should know this street, not very hard to find.
they carry SB, some adidas, vans and also nice clothing. i just informed that they have pair of Signed AF1 Stash sz 11

2. Plaza Semanggi. there are 2 stores in this Plaza, The Locker and Koopa. located in Semanggi district, just right downtown Jakarta
The Locker have their specialty on samples, many vans, some SBs and JB. Koopa have a similar specialty, they just sold their pair of Michael Laus and still hanging their AF1 Mr. cartoon super rare "Spider" sz 10 on their shoe-rack! they also provide tees such as obey and union and some undftd

3. 707 (sevenohseven). cool designed store, located in Kemang area. carry many superbrands like Nudie, DenimIsEverything, SIlas, aNYthing, etc. they have another store in CILANDAK TOWN SQUARE, mostly display sneakers. they even worked with SBTG for a super cool SBTG X 707 dunk low. go check'em out (

there still many stores around will update soon..

and for you who lives in Indonesia, help me out //


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Thanks I've been here for a while and have heard of myshoes but never went there... nor the semanggi ones...

One store I do recommend is CLUB 21... in Kemang... CDG, Jil Sander, DH, Yohji and the like... very unNSB... hahaha


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Menteng Central, 1 Floor #110-111, Jakarta.
Phone : 021-2302643
PIN BBM : 20D94D7A
FB :

BALLERS (Basket Ball Concept)
Area Hoops lantai 3 La CodeFin KEMANG
Phone: (021) 99999005
in balleres you can play basketball because there is prepared a basketball area
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