JagerMeisterDunks in Singapore


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//necrostock.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/thumbs/dfc915c72bbb37e6a19f37241b64818d.jpgWhere in Singapore can i get them
Thanks in Advance..


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not too sure if Singapore will release those, its def a possibility. if you were willing to cover shipping, i could get you a pair here in the US and send it to ya


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well thats the prob. Dad deeply mistrusts buying online after hearing about all those Nigerian scams and credit card scams...
Most people in India dont buy goods online as a result.

But i appreciate your offer. Thanks nj :)


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Those are the only 2 shops in Singapore. Call them.


9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza #02-16, Singapore, 228210

(+65) 6735 1678


No. 1 Queensway #01-20 Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore, 149053

(+65) 6476 3835


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yo NJSBCOLLECTOR is legit you can trust him 100 percent. he is one of the well know and well respected sellers on this site and all of the trusted sellers will vouch for him.

he might be your best chance at getting you those shoes your looking for.

and also bro log onto pay pal and look at there buyer protection its completely safe YOU WILL NEVER need to give out your credit card info to anyone else and pay pal will refund your money if anything goes wrong. i strongly urge you and your father to do some online research on how to safely buy and sell online because this aint nigeria and your money WILL ALWAYS BE SAFE or they will refund you, nobody can get there hands on your credit card numbers through pay pal its 100% Legit safe and protected.


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I know i know dude. I know i come across as a n00b saying such stuff.
I have used and will continue to use paypal and i know this is completely unrelated to Nigerian scams.(being a hacker myself)

But the thing is, my dad doesn't understand all these, no matter how much i try to convince him. He is old-fashioned and rarely uses the internet to buy anything

Plus if i can get it in Singapore in person i can save the shipping costs, money's running tight atm...

And another thing is customs officials in India charge anywhere between 75-90% of the shoe's price as tax.

So i will have to end up paying almost double the cost if i buy the shoes from US.

Such is the scene in India :(. So it's better if i buy them through relatives coming back from foreign locations. That's why im asking for Singapore locations. :)


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Damn dude i know exactly how you feel. my freakin dad is insane with shit like that too. since i was born ive never even touched my dads credit cards. i wouldnt even ask him to use it. my dads so old fashion he used to think you would get a horrible computer virus just because you have internet access...... anyhow good luck getting your kicks im sure you will find them because there relatively new and SBs get more popular by the day.
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