Legit check Peacock samples


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Oct 22, 2008
So I stumbled across this pair of Peacock Sample dunk mids the other day at my local Goodwill. I recognized them but obviously knew something was off. Bought them and took them home, upon further inspection they looked pretty legit except for a few things. First off, the ridiculous fur tag that ins't the real tag. The only other thing that led me to these being fake was the circle on the bottom of the sole that is usually curved seemed a little straight edged to me. I know the whole fur tag thing is a dead give away that something is off but I feel like the shoe as a whole seems legit besides that. I tried to get pictures of the sample number and tag and show spot on insole where the sample sticker use to be. Any information or dead give aways (Besides fur tag) to these being fake would be helpful. 


side 1.jpg




whole tag.jpg

sample tag.jpg



tag front.jpg

tag top.jpg

tag back.jpg