LTB 11-11.5 Vans Dr. T's High tops (or lows), TNT (ones)


xTooTx Tugboat


Looking for any color way as long as they are for a decent price, and in good condition!!!!

I dont want any other TNT's but the ones shown, the first ones.
And for the DR.T's the high tops or the low tops would work, id prefer either one of the red color ways that came out.

I know this is a far fetched search, but i have high hopes that someone will still have some older vans from the early 2000's out there!!! Please dont fail me n-sb!!!

Or just let me know if  you know someone or somewhere i can search better for them!!!!
Thanks a bunch!!!!



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May 22, 2006
Good luck man, I've been looking for some villanova Dr.T highs for like 6 years! Definitely a tough shoe to find in any colorway.