LTS Pl Avengers - Luckys - Bisons - Sea Crystals - Kostons


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May 16, 2008

hey guys its been a long time since ive sold here. selling a lot of my stuff so i didnt have time to take pics of every shoe separately. i will take pics of the shoes for you if you are interested. just pm me and i will get it to you asap. i am taking offers so pm me and please no lowballing and flakers will be reported. please lets not waste each others time. my shoes are kept very nice and clean. i dont have beaters. i rotate a lot. please check out my thread for sz 11s.

on to the shoes:

DS sz 10 Koston Hi
VNDS sz 10.5 Sea Crystals(minimal heel drag, 90% stars, no major stains)
DS sz 10.5 Sea Crystals(lace bag not attached)
VNDS sz 10.5 Luckys(minimal heel drag, 90% stars,)
VVVNDS sz 10.5 Blue Pl Avengers(worn once and immaculate)
VVVNDS sz 10.5 Purple PL Avengers(worn twice and immaculate)
DS sz 10.5 Bisons(lace bag attached)
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