Mary Jane thread


My latest additions
First off picked up a nice steamroller couldnt pass for $17.

Finally got my setup together also
2-chamber 6.5'x4.5'x2.5'
-Flood and drain system
-1 400 watt HPS
- 1 150 watt HPS
-6'' Inline duct fan
-Custom Co2 delivery system
-Lower chamber Cloning chamber
I got it from this guy that used to work in a lab growing, so he threw a bunch other stuff also brand new nutes, vaccum sealers, scales, lab grade, filters for hash a bunch of measuring beakers, cloning gel, sample tubes, pretty much everything a grower needs so

Now I just have to find some good clones, if anyone knows any good dispensaries in the Northern California area lmk.
Stay high everyone.


Got some nice clones, All About Wellness hooked it up with 10 Girl scout cookies clones for 100$. If anyone is sac you should check them out great clones,great flower selection and a great staff.




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Hmm, might have to check it out next time Im home
have you ever been to nor cal alternative healing, off broadway? the hole in the wall place next to the chinese market
just curious if they are still open.. last time I was home a lot of places were being raided


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they don't. most of the really good dispensaries don't need to advertise on things like that
as a matter of fact they try to avoid any unnecessary attention, they get more than enough business through word of mouth.
this is probably a little too far out of the way for you, but if your ever headed up the hill check out River City
Ive known the owner since before I even knew what weed was.. top shelf is 10 a gram and they always weigh it over


Are you talking about river city phoenix? if so I've been there I like them alot good staff. Ill defiantly check out nor-cal alternative as soon as I can good clubs are scarce now.


So here's a quick video update on the ladies

OK, I might check them out next time I'm up that way I camp out that way everyone in a while nice to know there is a good dispensery there.


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can you bring unused pipes/bongs/bubblers/bowls/grinders etc. on a plane? my school is a good 5 minutes away from Ybor city so i can get a lot of shit for 10x cheaper then back home, but am kinda hesitant cause i'm not familiar with flying rules


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I mean the airline might give you shit, but as long as it's 100000000000% percent clean you should be alright. Just tell them it's for tobacco, you can buy them legally so I don't see why transporting would be a big deal.


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^^yea you might have to deal with some hassle, i'm sure they're gonna want to find some evidence of weed but in the end you should be good. plan ahead and go a bit early hah
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