My Dunk Collection v.2 (NEW AND UPDATED 6/12)


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I had too many pictures for one post, so I had to split it into two.

So here's the story, first off, my name is Nicholas.
I bought my first pair of Nike dunks sometime in 2005, and since then I've been hooked.
I fell into collecting dunks, fast, and hard.
I just absolutely love the dunk.
So I started having like 2 or 3 pairs of GR dunks.
I was listening to this album for awhile by Trophy Scars called "Alphabet. Alphabets." and the album cover has several Maneki Neko Money Cat statues on the cover, so I had a thing for them.
Around that time, they made the money cat dunks, and I immediately fell in love.
Luckily, I've never ran into fakes, and I honestly don't think I'll ever.
I found a pair of Money Cat Highs on eBay, and from there, I continued to find more and more SB dunks that I liked.
I was fascinated and infatuated with all the colorways, the inspiration and the names of pretty much every SB dunk.
And slowly, but surely, I got my hands on a lot of pairs, mostly from eBay.
I found myself buying a lot of new releases, considering I was in the mind set of, "I'll never own a pair of those" so I bought a lot of new one at retail.
So I ended up selling a bunch of pairs I didn't wear to often, and saved my money more and searched on eBay for particular dunks.
And slowly, my limit on spending money on dunks went from $200, to the most I've spent was $420, hahaha.
I try not to spend too much on just one pair.
And before you knew it, I've achieved my grails and a lot of other favorites, some SB, some non SB and all in my size too.
I'm traditionally a 9.5, but 10 fits very well too, as I wear all my dunks, with an exceptional few.
So, I hope you enjoy my collection, be sure to read about every pair I own/purchased, for there is a little bit of back story, and to anybody who viewed this, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you understand the love I have for this remarkable and iconic sneaker.
Best wishes to all of you looking for that one shoe, or a couple of shoes you've always wanted, because you never know.

"I swear, this is my last pair."



Paul Browns
(1st hightop. Saw them on eBay for a good price, had to get them. Probably the best suede dunk of all time.)

Wheat Highs
(2nd hightop. One of the best steals I've gotten on eBay. Had to get these after the Paul Browns. I wear them all the time, still in amazing condition, absolutely beautiful.)


(I love all suede dunks, especially Silver Box dunks. Got these on ISS.)

Red Supremes (They were too good of a price, so I bought them. Great condition, and I love them. Still looking for a Blue one.)

Orange Supremes (Orange being my favorite color, this is a pair I've always wanted, my #1 grail next to Tiffanys. GREAT steal on eBay. Less than $300, sold for $350, and bought this cleaner pair for the same price including box and laces.)

Irons (Silver box suede. Had to get them. got them off eBay.)

Brown Pack Highs (Silver Box Suede. These were actually one of my first 10 dunks. I got these when my brother bought 4 DS pairs from this guy. (these, De La Souls, Peewees and Donatellos.))

Sea Crystals (Definitely a personal favorite of mine. This is my 3rd pair, (technically I owned 5, but 2 I bought to sell) 1st pair was a size 10 off eBay, sold to get a size 9.5 here on NSB, sold that one, and traded a used pair of Paul Browns for this clean pair I currently own with no stains or scuffs.)

LUCKYS (an absolute favorite, definitely in my top 5 for grails. The colorway is just phenomenal, I love gold, and these were a must have. eBay for $420, the most I've spent on 1 pair.)

Tweed High (Exceptional colorway. Had to get these. eBay for a great price, found a better pair, size 9.5 and sold my size 10's.)


Unkles (Always wanted these. In the top 3 grails, next to Tiffanys and Orange Supreme Highs. I just had to get them. Got them here on N-SB. The pink was faded, but I was not afraid to take some dye to the nubuck and restore the color. Tutorial can be found HERE.)

Hunters (I actually bought a size 9.5 at a steal price on eBay with intentions to resell, and just couldn't let them go. Eventually sold them, and bought a new pair size 10 for the same price. I love these, the materials are great, and the orange is great.)

Hufs (The last of my Top 5 grails, and seriously, there's no other shoe like this one. The cracked leather is magnificent. You guessed it, eBay.)

Tiffanys (My personal favorite, right next to the Orange Supremes. I love the croc skin, I love that Aqua, and hell, my lovely girlfriend's name is Tiffany // eBay for less than average, decent price, another one on eBay, and one very very close to deadstock, worn twice, traded for from a good friend of mine. Absolutely my favorite shoe.)

De La Soul High
(Amazing colorway. I wore my DS pair once, and decided to trade them for Tiffs. Unfortunately, I got scammed. : It really sucked, and I was bitter towards ISS for a long time, and that's when I came here. And through buying/selling, I became more involved on the forums, and I absolutely love N-SB. These are actually my 3rd pair. I bought another DS pair on eBay for $280, which I recently sold, and I traded NDS Blue Supreme Highs for these used De La's +$50 here on N-SB.)

Pusheads (2nd pair. 1st pair, I bought off eBay, a size 9.5, and for some reason, they were really tight. Bought these with intentions to sell, but weirdly enough, this 11 fit me very well. So I kept this pair, considering it had it's original box, and sold my 9.5. Both purchased on eBay. Then I sold these, and bought a size 10.)


(The last black box dunk I bought. Got over on ISS. Great price, and the seller was the best. Gave me 3 pairs of laces, and even a suede cleaning kit, just because I was nice)

Send Helps (Great colorway. Got these off eBay for a great price.)

Brian Andersons (Once owned a size 9, sold considering it was a little small, finally got a size 9.5 on eBay.)

Mork and Mindys (I love this colorway. So unique, and I love the theme. These I actually got for $30, my 4th pair of dunks. They're pretty beat, but when I wear them, they don't look beat at all, they look great.)

Baby Bear (got these just to complete the bear set. Still on the look for a DS pair, but not looking hard. Purchased from Marco, met on NSB, lives nearby. Great kid, good price.)

DS Mama Bears (2nd pair. I personally love this colorway, but I didn't find myself wearing them too much. The pair I wore was purchased on eBay and sold and I keep this pair DS)

DS Papa Bears (I want to wear these, but I keep them DS to match my DS mama bears. Still looking for a pair to wear that's better than my other used/beat pair. A steal price on eBay UK.)

Be@rbrick Toy Set (The Papa and the baby come together, and that was included in the auction for the Mama Bear I won. The mama toy I got at a local skateshop)

Linoleums (After buying peacocks, I got these. I thought they were like, so creative, and honestly rare because I was like "These are a black box???" picked them up locally, sold them for another pair in better condition I found on eBay.)

Dinosaur Jr.'s (One of my personal favorites. I love metallic colors, and the purple just goes so well with an all silver shoe. Won off eBay for a steal price, DS, picked up locally.)

Pee Wee Hermans (The suede on these is unbelievably soft. I'm a huge Pee Wee Herman fan, so I had to get these. I've been told I do an amazing Pee Wee impression.)

Money Cat Lows (When I got into SB's, I got my brother into it, and these were originally his. He beat them up, so he handed them down to me, so I still wear them.)

Money Cat Highs (My first SB dunk ever. Purchased on eBay. One of my favorite dunks, but unfortunately, they're so gone. Hahaha I really want another pair, but I only want to pay $90 hahaha. I also started to skate these.)

Money Cat Statue (Got this as a gift for my 21st birthday from my brother. A Nike SB Money Cat Statue. One of my most prized possession, as it holds a lot of sentimental value. Also, it's rare as balls, considering most of them broke during shipment to stores with SB accounts. My brother haggled with this one store in NJ. Another store still refuses to sell him theirs hahaha. Then I was lucky and found 2 more on eBay.)

Bruts (My 2nd SB dunk. I purchased these off of SPoT.)

DS Peacocks (My 3rd SB dunk, bought these locally through ISS. I loved the colorway, in addition, they were in a pack with the Bruts, but I still hate the Old Spices. Haha. Great colorway so I keep this one DS. I forgot where I got them from.)

Peacocks (Technically this is my, 4th? Yeah, it's my 4th. Had one, eventually sold. Found one for a great price here on N-SB, sold it to a friend, bought a DS pair, and after staring at them long enough, I needed another pair to wear.)


Tie Dye Mids (I still wear them. They're a great shoe. Bought for less than retail.)

Marge Simpsons (Another personal favorite. I love the midsole and the gum outsole. Great colorway. I picked up locally through craigslist.)

DS Tokyo Mids (I love these shoes, I do. I bought 2 pairs with a discount at Flight Club. Unfortuantely, I wore a pair, and they got dirty, as expected. Cleaned them up really good, wore them, again, got them dirty. It became too much of a hassle, so I ended up selling them here on N-SB. Might either find a used pair, or break these out.)

Goofy Boy Low Customs (I didn't like the purple, and I found these on ISS. Selling pretty cheap, drove to Brooklyn to meet up with the kid at work at Starbucks. I get there, and he gives me the shoes, a free Caramel Macchiato, and a sandwich. Best meetup and transaction I've ever done hahaha. They were my beaters, then I started skating them.)


Unheaven's Gate (I love them with the light blue laces, because it's reminiscent of the scrapped version. Great shoe, bought at my local skate shop. First Blue Box I liked.)

Brain Wreck (2nd Blue Box release I was really looking forward too. Very unique design, love the colors and especially the brain print lining. I totally forgot about the drop date, so I was a couple of days late. Called my local skateshop, sold out, called another one, they had plenty. Bought 2, 1 to wear, 1 to sell.)

Bloody Gums (I love suede. Had to pick these up. I loved the bottom graphic. Picked them up locally.)

[B]Skate Mental Highs[/B] (One of the best Blue Box dunks in my opinion. I was just waiting for the right price, finally got them off eBay, and I love them. Suede is great quality, great shade of brown.)

Lost Highs (These came by surprise, bought immediately, I found a pair on eBay for retail, and scooped them up quick. I love the colorway.)

Skunks (These were sought after, and I'm lucky I managed to get my hands on 1 pair, let alone 3. I sold 1, 1 to rock, 1 to stock. No I don't smoke.)

Janoskis (These are the only non-dunk sb's I own. It was something about the colorway, and I treat them as my relaxed shoes to wear. I love them.)


Rodrigo CS3 (After buying the Fabio's, I was thinking about getting all 3. Got this for a good price on eBay.)

Fabio CS3 (Probably My 2nd favorite lowtop, next to Tiffanys. They're so unique, and the design is so great. Also, probably the most comfortable lowtop I've worn. Still looking for Gordos CS3.)


Olympics (Such a beautiful shoe. All gold, and the bottom sole is speckled. While I was collecting SB Dunks, this pair in particular I always sought after. Size 9, because Non-SB dunks run a bit bigger, and they're just gorgeous shoes. Got them on eBay for cheap, and I wear them all the time. I put black SB laces on them.)

Denim Highs (Another non-SB dunk I was looking for. Got them off eBay for a great price, only worn once, but I wear them plenty.)

DS Coralines (These I actually won in the Coraline Dunk Giveaway. I couldn't believe it. Well, I actually had a bunch of my friends enter for me. 1 of my best friends entered for a size 12, and he won as well. Such a great feeling to win something, you know? I used to always enter contests as a kid.)

Coralines (I couldn't bear to wear my Coralines. So I went looking for a used pair. I found a guy interested in my White Melvins I had for sale, so we ended up trading. I love these shoes so much. Such a unique shoe, fine craftsmanship, great materials, amazing sneaker.)

N-SB Customs (Seriously one of my favorites, and very very unique pairs I own. Hell, there's only 1 in the world. if you really want to know the story about these, you gotta check out the custom thread HERE for them. Check out page 3, with the updated pics. Sharp020 is the best customizer out there.)


-Blue Supremes
-White Melvins
-Money Cat Mids
-MF Dooms
-Marshall Amps
-Dr. Feel Goods
-Fender Bass Mids
-Asbury Park Mids
-Goofy Boy Highs
-Skate Mental Mids
-Aqua Fuel Mids
-Clubber Lang Mids
-Skate Or Dies
-Bloody Sundays
-Twin Peaks (used as a base for my customs)
-Blue Lobsters (2 days hahaha)

I hope you enjoyed this very long explanation/this large sharing of me.
As you can see, most of my dunks were purchased on eBay.
But as of right now, I'm not looking forward/looking for too many dunks, so this year I will be saving most of my money, unless a good deal comes by.
Again, I hope you enjoyed reading, and looking at all my pictures, as I took the time to create/edit this collection thread.
Be sure to check pick-ups in the future, page 9 and on.
Thanks again.



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Real impressive hah, and I like your thorough explanations.
I am going to try black SB laces in my olympics.
Too bad you're slowing down, there are some wicked og pre-sb dunks around !


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Newest pick-up.

Thailands (I'm happy with these. I love gold, and these have a beautiful metallic gold leather. A very solid bluebox pick-up)


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Seriously awesome collection Nick, and I loved the little explanations behind each shoes. Bravo man.

Also, just my .02, but I feel like you would actually really like the Old Spices. Metallic gold swoosh with an almost all cream-suede upper? Sounds right up your alley man.. lol.


Damn, Loving your collection. I really like all the descriptions you have for your sneaks. I read them all! Its great to see someone with such a passion for sneakers. Makes me want to go and spend all my cash on kicks!!

Keep it growin'


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Seriously awesome collection Nick, and I loved the little explanations behind each shoes. Bravo man.

Also, just my .02, but I feel like you would actually really like the Old Spices. Metallic gold swoosh with an almost all cream-suede upper? Sounds right up your alley man.. lol.
Yeah dude, the more I look at Old Spices, the more I'm liking them.
Might be a future pick-up.

Damn, Loving your collection. I really like all the descriptions you have for your sneaks. I read them all! Its great to see someone with such a passion for sneakers. Makes me want to go and spend all my cash on kicks!!

Keep it growin'
I'm glad you appreciate my passion!
But, unfortunately, I'm almost close to the end, and I keep saying to myself "no more shoes" but it seems I always get another pair.
It sucks.

great stories and awesome collection... 3 pairs of tiffs. keep it up..
Thank you macross8, as for the Tiffs, they're just such an awesome shoe.
I love 'em.


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Damn cemetary did work while i was gone haha, why dont you throw a pair of those tiffs my way //
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