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973->>> anyone know a place that would sell the 420's this year....wanted to get my hands on a northern or central Jersey maybe?


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Wish I saw this sooner but I know NJ skateshop had a drop on the 4/20s today at a couple of their locations. That was probably the best bet for jersey.

The next best bet that I can think of is homebase skate shop in bethlehem, PA. Out of shops I know, theyre the best bet to carry them. I would suggest following their site or FB page for any heads up on a drop.

Nic Unwin

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I'm over here in central jersey. Stationed at McGuire afb.

My girls from bethlehem, pa ...and I actually think she said she used to work at a skate shop..could be homebase(or whatever you said).

anyone know of anything closer than beth, pa? Thats like an hr and a half away from me...


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PM sent Nic Unwin

Anyone in NJ know of any good Oakley dealers? I want to get a pair of the shaun white frogskins scheduled to release this summer.


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east bruns is straight ass hahaha and i know nj skateshop 4 gets in oakleys maybe theyll get in the pair your looking for. on a side note am i the only one loving the weather this past few days?


nj all dayyy brick cityy in the houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee newark runs shit the heart and soul of nj


down at the beach, southern monmouth county, in spring lake is bare wires surf skate. they do the ISO(now "best" selection) of dunk high, dunk mid, dunk lows, and janoski. they havnt had QS until the last two floral janoski. even though that was a mid level QS, they are on the list for dunk QS starting nov 2013. good inventory online they never do QS online but will do phone orders for QS!
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