Nike SB Stefan Janoski Pro Model


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i think i'd rather skate these


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I heard bout this, but also heard that BA was gonna get a pro model as well.... I forgot where I saw it, but it said brian was testing out samples (mostly vulcanized) to see wat he wanted in a shoe
damn can't wait!!

I bet they gonna look way better!!


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Without the swoosh it's an Emerica Laced... still like these though, they're probably gonna be really good. Nice new fresh shoe, unlike the Veloce.


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Retail is going to be $80. According to the holiday 09 catalog, May be a little cheaper when they drop may 15th
That's heavy...80 dollar means that these will cost between 80 and 85 euro in Europe, if you keep in mind that the shoe is almost less
than a harbor from tech, materials and so on, you pay an extra of 20 Euro just for Janoskis name on it.


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Retail will be $75 and then there's a premium colorway that will be $90.
Premium colorway?
Do you know already which one it will be?
because so far I've seen only black, brown, red, tan and grey suede, nothing looked very premium....
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