Nike SB Stefan Janoski Pro Model


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The premium color way is a gray/black flannel upper on a black sole, looks pretty good.
I think these are them, Sorry for the pic, taken from the holiday 09 catalog


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That's them in the corner, but the catalog picture is of an early sample that doesn't have the flannel print so they look like an all black shoe.


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Do you have anymore 09 Holiday catalog pics?
I have the whole catalog in PDF form, I don't have a scanner or anything. It is the holiday catalog from october to December.

Real nice shoes in there i'm looking forward to the bleeding gums dunk high designed by Todd Jordan & these Timberland looking Mid premiums. //


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I was at an art show/ party last night and a dude had on the Black with the white swoosh Janoski's. From the pictures I was already in love, but seeing them in person I wanted to go over and just punch him, jack his shoes and run.

These are DOPE!!!


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i tried on a pair of the samples, they're super comfy. good shoes to slip on and skate in
oh word? iono ... im a flip trick kid and shoes like those seem like they wouldnt last me two days of skating ... like skating a pair of eras lol
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