Nike SB Stefan Janoski Pro Model


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my godd! they look so sick!! I'm coping one for myself

Do you think footlocker should receive them?
Wait are you kidding about foot locker?

NO i'm sorry footlocker is not gonna get them but try your local NIKESB retailer on may 8.


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Does anyone have any on-foot pics that we can see?? That would really push me to one side of the fence on buying these...


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I copped the brown ones on Friday. I was a little 'meh' about them at first, but only buying them for work anyway. I thought they looked wack when i tried them on with jeans, but with khakis... shiiiiiit.

My only beef is that these shitty blue boxes are fucking up every other pair of shoes they hold. The ink is rubbing off on the backs of shoes and leaving marks. I also had to return my Janoskis for another pair because upon further inspection at home, there were parts of he shoe where the suede was like rubbed off, and a ridiculous amount of glue on the side of one.

Haha... other than that, no complaints.

AND it's nice to see that all the tongues are still stuffed on everything else.


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I hear U man! both pairs I got today are fucked! the brown right shoe has glue on top of the toebox & the left one has glue right over the swoosh on the outter part:) the black ones have the blue ink rubbed off onto the midsoles of both shoe front/sides/backs:)
still they're so DOPE I had to cop both colorways since I only got em for $52.50 The alternate laces are pretty dope kinda like waxed string rope laces. Can't decide which ones I want on the Brown ones, but on the black I'm goin' with the Black leather ones.





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i think i would like them better if the swoosh wrapped around the back.. it just seems like it should..
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