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Nov 26, 2008




^ I'm looking to start something like this...not going to go too far into details on here

I'm sick of cops shooting our people and getting away with it, I'm sick of the Patriot Act, I'm sick of them trying to control us
by 2012 they're trying to make the internet like a paid subscription - similar to TV, a very controlled posting of information

The internet is our only outside link to internationals.
If you are down to do something about this I am dead serious, I will meet up with you, your friends, your family, your whoever in Downtown Seattle. I'm thinking 1st - 3rd street where we will without a doubt DRAW ATTENTION!

JOIN ME! This is a huge step towards Socialism and our Constitution is being destroyed, the Internet is FREE SPEECH


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Sep 13, 2007
"- nothing i say on this forum should be taken seriously -"

Anyway, this would never happen.


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May 22, 2006
yeah, I kind of doubt that the US alone would be able to privatize the internet...


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Jul 10, 2007
Whoa, this is some shit. I sure hope this doesn't happen. You might think it can't possibly happen here but look in past... think about what TV used to be in its early stages of existence. The best and most popular programming used to be available for free to anyone who had a tv and the correct receiving equipment. Some time later though a tiered subscription service came in the form of cable. Yeah you can still watch TV without paying for cable but you see what I mean?

The article on prison planet makes the point that microsoft already has a plan in place to apply a charge to every email that every user sends in what M$ is describing as "a way to end internet spam". And shit, if you've ever seen the way XBOXlive is set up then you already know microsoft isn't above nickel and diming the fuck out of you. Although the internet has never exactly been free of charge even with the proper hardware, an internet without completely free websites is something I can see happening under the guise of national security. After all as one of those articles states, China has a watered down internet similar to this scenerio where the government decides what websites you can see and which ones you can't. Shits kinda scary.


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Sep 13, 2007
Doubleyou, I did hear about microsoft trying to charge a fee for email, although it was for different reasons. For a while they were trying to do that because sending letters is practically obsolete. If microsoft did this, apple and other leading companies would just keep going for free so people would buy their proucts. At least that's what I would hope for.


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Feb 6, 2006
Doubt the internet becomes privatized, if the US tried to do that the protests and ensuing violence and vandalism would be immense. As for Greece, that country is in much worse shape than the US, my uncle lives there and has told me literally countless stories of flat out bribery, of judges, doctors, he runs his own business so of other business owners, Greece is in real rough shape.


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Jul 30, 2007
you must not have read the info on this right man
from what i read it has nothing to do with shutting it down
it has to do with "national security" so it says
and not shutting the entire internet down but making certain
places unaccessible by people ie banking info gov. doc's
and similar shit

but your referencing to the patriot act has ZERO
zilch nada nothing to do with obama so get that shit
out of here tv is not regulated by the gov. look at fox noise
they make all kinds of shit up, then there is radio
where you can say whatever you want as well as online
that isnt going to change come on man

if you want to do something about you should have
tried that back in 01 when the constitution was ripped
to shreds and our freedoms were made a mockery of

but really people already charge for internet access dont they?
and i have mobile me from apple that shit is 100 a year
for my email and other such things not to mention everyone
with mobile internet on their cell phones

but really what does cops shooting people have to do with this?
people shoot people everyday if we are going to change
something that is where the fuck we should start
erase the hate!