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So we used to have 2 cats. Smokey and Whiskers. Smokey is pretty much the coolest cat ever, loves everyone, playful, never causes any trouble. Whiskers was a pile of shit. Hiding under furniture all day, greasy ass coat, shitting and pissing on the floor.

So about a week ago at around 10:30 at night I hear the door open, I was in my room cleaning some stuff up. Didn't think anything of it, wake up the next morning and Smokey is sitting victorious of the table. Door is cracked open, and we haven't seen old shitbag Whiskers in 2 weeks.


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got 200 for this lil guy, Frank Ocean

and then got this one, Based God, for $5

lol i love this shit. fuck an hourly job


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except when you end up picking up a kitten thats sick as fuck and end up having to take it to animal control since the humane society requires appointments for some reason. happened today

r.i.p. ghostface
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