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meet based god

Joseph James

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I'm worried my guy is going to have joint problems when he's older, his dismount is terrible, whenever he dismounts off tables etc just by the sound of him hitting the floor you can tell he's keeping his front legs really stiff instead of using them for suspension


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let a broke bitch get too attached with one of my cats and shit's getting out of hand. police threats and public safety threats. thinks she can just have the cat

makes me wanna cut the cats head off and put it in her bed so she can wake up like that scene from the god father


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This is Snowball.

Snowball is a murderer. Her favorite things to murder are lizards, rats, squirrels, and various birds. I don't know how old Snowball is because she adopted me one day when I was outside playing basketball.


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Meet Louie, we found him about 2 weeks ago walking around outside and took him in. He was a lot whiter a week ago, he just covers himself in dirt somehow everyday. He'll be grey in a few weeks.

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