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Oodles Of Snuggles

Nov 19, 2005
This increasing popularity of skateboarding in the eyes of the mainstream is a real double edged sword. On one hand, the exposure to and acceptance of skateboarding makes us feel as though our sport, and especially our culture isn't the underground fringe activity it once was. On the other hand if more acceptance leads to more skateparks being built, or makes it easier in general to go out and shred, then that's a good thing.

Also with possibly more poseurs than actual skaters wearing skate clothes and shoes, we have every 3rd dildo on the street feeling like they somehow belong to our culture even though they have no idea what it's like to be out there on your board shredding around (or even worse they could be longboarders who think they share a kinship with us). On the other hand, if any of the money these retards spend to try and look like us trickles down to the independent shops and lets them keep doing what they're doing, then that's a good thing.

And of course since it is so popular with the youth culture (and grown ups who still like to think they're young like me), skateboarding is obviously a highly sought after image for companies trying to capitalize on that market. So we see all sorts of bastardization of skateboarding on television, movies, commercials, print ads, everywhere you look basically. We also see all kinds of skateboarders show up on talk shows, reality shows, variety shows, all over the place. On the other hand, we get to see the Snuggle Bandit himself Andy Roy on TMZ talking about how he just wanted to give DMX a "top ramen hug" because they've both been in jail, which is obviously fucking hilarious and awesome.

A real double edged sword, I tell will soon