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wow i'm new here! wow finally, a thread where i could park! lol
actually streetwear scene here is on the move. there are even shops selling retail prices on GRs..
skate shops that sells legit sbs, 6.0s, lakais, dvs etc. are:

5-0 skateshop
aloha boardshop

i'll get back at you for the addresses and contact numbers..

btw, how can i get to join TEAM PINOY? thanks!!


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last time i went there, i asked my cab driver to bring me to where i can find some shoes and he brought me to this place called green hills. i was so disgusted to see so much fake shit. pigeons for like 100 pesos. hahahha. i ended up buying some gr's at SM or somewhere else that i cant remember the name of. i wish i knew about this thread earlier. i really wanna go back and check out the legit shops.
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