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Nov 19, 2005
I was checking out a thread on Slap today with a picture of McCrank wearing Lakais.


Of course his homies giving him a free pair of shoes since eS is no longer doesn't really mean anything at all, but anytime any pro is photographed in any shoes, the rumour mill starts a' turnin. But that's not what this post is about. (Although I sure do think it would be neat if McCrank got on Lakai.)

This post actually came about because people were posting up some of McCrank's older sections and I felt it necessary to post up his section from the Antisocial video that was released in 2004.

That video was so good. I remember that Yeah Right came out shortly before the Antisocial video. We had been waiting so long for Yeah Right, and we drove 2 and a half hours to Regina to see the premiere in the IMAX theater. I also remember Yeah Right being the first time I was really disappointed with the Girl squad. I was expecting a classic video, but got a bunch of garbage ruining some really good skating.

Shortly after that the Antisocial video came out and when I watched it I immediately thought "Damn, this is how the Girl video should have been." Probably the best Canadian video ever made, with so many good sections from Canadian rippers. Mitch Charron, Quinn Star, Jesse Booi, and Keegan Sauder all have super good sections.

Anyway, after finding McCrank's section on YouTube, I noticed that whoever uploaded had the entire video split into different sections, but all put into one playlist so you can watch the whole video. Some of the sections may be blocked due to YouTube music Nazism, but the ones that are available are really good quality.

Just figured I'd share because I think it was easily one of the best videos to come out in 2004, but if you're not from Canada, you may not have seen this gem. Also it's a great video to watch for any ignorant retards who buy into that generic tall tee Canadian skater bullshit.

Hope McCrank gets everything coming to will soon